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June 02, 2014


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Efaflex , Version CS-0015-20140602, Efaflex-Case-Study-CS-0015-20140602-2.pdf (0.5 MiB) - Bavarian door manufacturer, Efaflex, requires X-IO’s cost-effective Hyper ISE storage solution that delivers faster memory and greater capacity to accommodate increasing hot spots and accelerate their mission-critical

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March 25, 2014

Jesuit College Prep School

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Jesuit College Prep School , Version CS-0009-20140325, Jesuit-College-Prep-Case-Study-CS-0009-20140325-2.pdf (0.4 MiB) - Five years ago, JCPS, located in north Dallas, Texas, found an easy-to-use storage system in X-IO’s ISE solution that offered high capacity and top

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March 15, 2012


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Redknee , Version CS-0002-20120315, Redknee-Case-Study-CS-0002-20120315.pdf (0.4 MiB) - Redknee, Microsoft Corporation, and X-IO Technologies conducted a comprehensive performance and scalability benchmark of Redknee TCB and found that X-IO delivered eight times the volume of subscribers

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March 01, 2012

Redknee At The MPSC – SQL Scalability Benchmark (OO-0001-20120301)

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Redknee At The MPSC - SQL Scalability Benchmark (OO-0001-20120301) , Redknee-at-the-MPSC-SQL-Scalability-Benchmark-OO-0001-20120301.pdf (0.6 MiB) - Redknee, an Ontario-based company, develops real-time convergent billing and customer care software, found that X-IO's Hyper ISE is capable of handling

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