ISE 780 G3 Hybrid Storage Array Performance Review

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Evaluating the performance of storage systems can be a complicated and difficult process. Workloads can vary widely from one environment to another, making “standardized” tests meaningless when real-world workloads must be accommodated. Performing simple random/sequential, read/write workloads is not enough to emulate the performance demands of real-world environments. Thus, X-IO has developed methods to simulate observed customer workloads for the purpose of performance testing. This paper will detail one of the many tests that are performed at the X-IO world headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado, U.S.A. This test is one of a series of ongoing performance tests designed to evaluate new firmware versions for the Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) storage array.
Document: WP-0013-20150310


Type:White Papers
Latest Update:March 13, 2015
Application:VDI | DBMS | OLTP | SQL Server | Server Consolidation | Virtualization
Product:ISE 700 Series G3, ISE 780
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