Why X-IO

At X-IO, we believe that performance-optimized storage solutions don’t have to break your budget. We’re a leading innovator in the development of high-performance data storage technology that’s fast, cost-effective and utilizes minimal space. Why choose X-IO for your next storage upgrade?


X-IO believes that data storage should never break your budget! We use more than a decade of data storage experience to efficiently and continuously innovate, passing our savings straight to you to drive down operational costs and make your storage solution affordable.


From proof of concept and installation, to day-to-day management and operational usage, X-IO keeps simplicity at the forefront of our process to make storage easier for you. With X-IO, you can set and forget your solution and focus on what’s important — your business.


Our hardware is built to last and has been tested — and proven — time and again in the field under strenuous requirements across a variety of industries. We have more that 8,200 storage units in the field!


We help you achieve more with less, providing fast, reliable storage that achieves 100% performance at 100% capacity through a variety of workloads. No more tuning, tiering or managing your performance. With X-IO, you can let the storage nearly manage itself!

Purchase with confidence with our 30-day, commitment-free proof of concept and low-price guarantee, supported with capacity and controller upgrade flexibility and support costs that never increase.

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Quick Facts on X-IO

  • 1600+ customers with more than 8200 units in the field
  • More than a decade of code innovation in our ISE
  • 16 years in the Data Storage industry

ISEISE All-Flash Speed and Reliablity

With the ISE 900 Series All-Flash Array, experience fast application response time, reduced run time, and superior application resiliency that’s affordable, easy-to-deploy, and able to flex with your operational needs.

100% Performance
even at 100% Capacity
Faster, Safer
and Smarter
Seamless User
Explore the ISE All-Flash Array



"We've implemented [ISE] and we've been thrilled, the performance you get for the same amount of space is incredible. We instantly saw a huge improvement in performance in the applications."
Ed Powers, Vice President, Technology Services, Global Data Systems
"As our business demands growth, we turn to storage and data protection. Both are the foundation for running a business in today’s virtual, high performance, high capacity environment. X-IO is a very reliable, cost-effective vendor that we will continue to choose for our storage needs."
Shepard Chemical
"Initially we were worried about X-IO being a small company. We quickly realized that being small is great motivation to ensure they design, build and deliver efficient/high-value solutions (which they have accomplished)."
Gartner Peer Insights – Government Chief Systems Architect
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