X-IO supports hardware either as a warranty at the time of purchase or as a maintenance extension after the warranty period expires.

Each ISE and Hyper ISE unit comes with a five-year hardware warranty at no additional charge. For customers in the United States, the warranty period starts the day the unit is shipped, and for customers outside the United States, it starts sixty (60) days after the day the unit is shipped.

Hardware maintenance includes the following items:

  • ActiveWatch (phone home notification)
  • Replacement of failed hardware components
  • Failed component-related phone support

The X-IO hardware warranty covers all components of the ISE. Should a part or assembly fail or be deemed by X-IO to be faulty, it will be replaced at no charge to the customer. The removal of the part at issue and installation of a replacement part is covered for components identified as Field Replaceable Units. The hardware warranty does not include assistance with evacuating data from DataPacs before they are removed. X-IO will assist in the evacuation of data from DataPacs with a current software maintenance contract. Customers are responsible for the removal and replacement of Customer Replaceable Units.

X-IO does not warranty against possible data loss due to part or assembly failure. The following types of conditions will void your hardware warranty: any abuse of the equipment, intentional failure to follow procedures issued either in writing or verbally by X-IO relating to the reported hardware issue, or use of non-X-IO parts or parts purchased from non-authorized resellers. The hardware warranty also becomes void if firmware is two (2) or more versions out of date.

Maintenance must be performed by X-IO-certified Service providers. Maintenance performed by non- X-IO certified Service providers may void your hardware warranty.

The replacement of any part or assembly into an ISE does not extend the contracted warranty of the complete unit past the terms detailed in the customer agreement.

Access to customer premises may be required to accomplish hardware repair or maintenance. Return of all replaced parts or assemblies to X-IO is required within 10 days of the repair. Failure to return replaced parts or assemblies will result in a one-time charge for parts not returned. X-IO will charge an annual maintenance premium if parts or assemblies cannot be returned for reasons agreed to by X-IO and the customer at the time of unit purchase.


X-IO’s phone-home system, ActiveWatch, is a communication from the ISE storage system to X-IO through a web service. When configured, this system provides real-time information about the status of the ISE storage systems. Often, X-IO is aware of a component failure before the customer is so that we can contact the customer to make arrangements for replacing the component. This also provides a way for X-IO to see the status of issues leading up to the failure.

NOTE: ISE storage systems are designed to report, on a scheduled basis, the status of several operational conditions through ActiveWatch. Failure to activate and maintain ActiveWatch reporting may lead to reduced responsiveness to hardware or software issues.

Four-Hour Premium Maintenance

Customers may purchase from X-IO Four-Hour Premium Maintenance Support if it is available in their geography. Customers who purchase Four-Hour Premium Maintenance Support can expect to have dispatched components on-site within an average of four hours. This service is available only in select locations. X-IO reserves the right to replace parts with functional equivalents. Under this agreement, X-IO shall not be liable for delays outside of its control, including but not limited to weather-related events, catastrophes, natural disasters, and/or inability of the customer to accept the dispatched parts.

Four-hour hardware coverage is available for ISE systems globally according to support zones based on the X-IO network of spare stocking locations. Contact your sales representative for service-level availability in your area.

Relocation of customer-owned ISE without notification to X-IO customer service and involvement of X-IO professional services at the time of the relocation invalidates all warranties. No partial credit, refund of warranty charges or surcharges, or extensions of warranties will be provided.

Software Maintenance

Software maintenance covers software and firmware embedded in the ISE and includes:

  • Product firmware updates and bug fixes
  • Embedded software feature releases
  • Hardware product releases supported by software releases
  • Phone support for functionality and features
  • Service carts, including assistance with service-related data evacuation
  • Service Xone access, including:
    • Access to all current ISE software downloads
    • Access to all supporting ISE software
    • Access to all ISE product documentation

Extended features, such as ISE mirroring, may require additional licensing and separate maintenance.

In order to purchase software maintenance on an ISE, the same system must be covered under hardware maintenance (either warranty or extension) for the same term.

The software maintenance agreement becomes void or suspended if the firmware on the affected unit is two (2) or more major versions or one (1) year out of date. The software warranty will be reinstated when the firmware version is back in compliance.

Failure analysis will not be performed on systems that lack a current software maintenance contract.

In general, the only warranties on third-party equipment or software resold by X-IO are those offered by the original equipment manufacturer. Customers contact the original equipment manufacturers directly for customer service. Third-party equipment that acts as an internal component of an X-IO system is an exception for which X-IO provides customer service.

Firmware Updates and Bug Fixes

With new firmware releases, X-IO provides bug fixes and enhancements to existing product features. These fixes and updates are provided only with firmware releases.

Software Feature Releases

When X-IO provides new software features they are included in the latest software releases. A Service newsletter is available to keep customers current on the latest software and firmware releases.

Systems with Lapsed Maintenance

When systems have lapsed or expired maintenance coverage, the requirements to reestablish maintenance are:

  • If a system has been off of hardware or software coverage for 60 days or less, we will renew coverage effective to when the system fell off of coverage. However, until the purchase order is received, the system is not covered.
  • If the system is off of hardware coverage for more than 60 days, then the system must be recertified (see below), which may require system downtime.
  • If the system has been off of software coverage for more than 60 days, the customer must purchase software coverage retroactively to the point where software maintenance expired or 12 months, whichever is less. Then the customer must purchase software maintenance coverage going forward for the term they desire.
    • Prior to purchasing or renewing software maintenance, the customer system must also be under initial hardware warranty or the customer must purchase an extended maintenance contract.


X-IO’s standard five-year warranty is extended to the original owner of the ISE. If customers relocate their ISE systems without X-IO’s assistance or if customers purchase ISE systems from sources other than through X-IO or authorized resellers, these systems will require recertification to reinstate X-IO hardware and software maintenance.

Recertification is a validation of system hardware to ensure that it is in warranty-able condition. A recertification requires that all removable components are removed, inspected, and electronically verified through ActiveWatch (telemetry). The serial number of each component will be documented and verified as to condition, and any part that is no longer supported must be replaced at the customer’s expense. The typical downtime to the system is two to four hours depending on the size of the configuration. Contact us for pricing details.

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