Unconventional Thinking in Cyber Security

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In a recent RTInsights article, ISACA’s 2017 State of Cyber Security Study survey is referenced, where they found that 80% of respondents expect a cyber attack to hit their organization this year, but remain unprepared.  With the explosive growth of IoT and its exposure, increased opportunities for ransomware assaults, and rampant malicious attacks, cyber security vigilance must remain high.

Existing cybersecurity teams and infrastructure are facing huge demands, and finding resources to elevate those demands is increasingly difficult. Conventional approaches are not cutting it.

Ascolta, a ViON company, is an X-IO Technologies partner that is staying in front of the business trends causing disruption in cyber security today by offering a complete cyber solution, teaming technology with expertise. Check out the latest blog post by Ascolta where they take a look at the recent “WannaCry” Cyberattack that was killed by some unconventional thinking.

Ascolta and X-IO will be at AFCEA Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium this week in Booth #847. Stop by and see how Ascolta can help take your cyber strategy to an unconventional level.

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