Invention, Not Integration

At X-IO, we are inventors, not integrators.

In a market like the storage market, characterized primarily by integration — the assembly of hardware and software components, many sourced from a third party or based on open source technologies — our focus on invention, on building storage systems from the ground up to serve particular market segments, is absolutely unique. And it produces unique products, with unique attributes.

The integration-only storage vendors say:

Performance, capacity or reliability — pick one.

We say:

Performance, capacity and reliability — you can have them all. And pay less, too.

Our passion for invention — for designing and building unique and valuable technologies that solve difficult problems — is reflected in our Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) product line: a family of large, linear-scale, high-performance, self-healing storage arrays designed and purpose-built, from the enclosure in and the iron up,  to deliver superior performance for virtualized infrastructure, database management systems (DBMS), and cloud service providers (CSPs). Every element of the ISE — from our dual active/active controllers to our patented Continuous Adaptive Data Placement (CADP) engine — is designed and built to deliver that superior performance, in those environments, and to deliver breakthrough operational economics: amazing rack density, ultra-low energy consumption, and five to seven years of useful, performant life, with few if any service events.

High performance

The ISE leads the performance band of the storage market: 400 to 8000 IOPS per terabyte (1 TB) of storage provisioned. In that band, the Intelligent Storage Element will deliver the performance your applications and infrastructure require, at the lowest cost in the industry.

And we’ll offer you a performance guarantee no other storage vendor can match. Rated performance, at rated capacity. We’ll deliver the performance we say we’ll deliver, when our ISE are empty, and when they’re full. On Day One. And at the end of Year Five. No performance cliff. No stranded capacity.

High reliability

The ISE is the storage industry’s only storage array designed to repair itself, silently and invisibly, and to run for five or more years with no service events, rather than — as with traditional enterprise storage — replace itself with a more expensive version of itself in 24 months, via forklift.

Our ISEs last so long, and last so well, that many of our customers skip an entire storage refresh cycle, operating their ISE for six years.

Reliability pays off, in a big way.

High availability

The ISE is engineered from the ground up to be highly available, and to support high availability configurations and architectures.

In every thing we do, we’re dual, active-to-active — from our array controllers, to our power supplies and cooling units. Everything, in tandem.

And that mindset carries over to the ISE themselves. You can pool them, and you can pair them. Active-active mirrored pairs of ISEs, with every write operation executed flawlessly on both halves of the mirrored pair. With latency so low, the redundancy is invisible. As storage should be.

Frame free grid scalability

A picture-perfect implementation of software-defined storage (SDS), ISEs are provisioned and managed not by performance-limiting fabric-wide controllers, but by server-side software stacks. ISEs pool, group, align and collaborate under the control of operating systems, hypervisors and database management systems invisibly, and seamlessly. That’s what we designed them to do. You choose your locus of control — Linux, VMWare, Oracle, OpenStack — and we’ll provide the performance acceleration, reliability and capacity your stack needs.

Intelligent hardware

ISE storage systems provide a carrier-grade scale-out high-performance storage infrastructure, with a five- to seven-year operating lifespan, and provide 2 to 10 times the performance of alternatives, at 30-70% of the total cost of ownership of those alternatives.

The ISE achieves exabyte scale, with millions of IOPS available per rack, by focusing on the orchestrated interoperation of hardware, firmware and software — something no integration-minded storage company can do. Performance, capacity and reliability — driven in significant measure by the ISE’s proprietary, patented hardware design.

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Intelligent software

On top of our patented engineered hardware, the ISE runs a Linux microkernel on each of its tandem MRCs. That microkernel supports a wide variety of core data management and protection services within the ISE, including:

  • the ISE’s patented Matrixed RAID Data Allocation model
  • our Continuous Adaptive Data Placement (CADP) engine
  • the In-Situ Remanufacturing and Restoration services
  • our RESTful CorteX web services
  • ISE orchestration and mirroring
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