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Spectre and Meltdown Security Update:

As always, X-IO is trying to improve our protections against Cyber threats that seem to be only increasing. The most recent revelation of the Spectre and Meltdown threats on the Intel platform (but not limited to them) made us perform a careful engineering and security review and analysis using all currently available information.

Making and marketing enterprise storage technology with a five- to seven-year duty cycle, in-built storage media remanufacturing and recovery, and a zero-service-events design puts durability, reliability and availability first, in the minds of our employees and our customers, who expect us to put smart people and parts on the ground anywhere in the world that ISEs are operating. In data centers. On oil rigs. In concrete bunkers in the middle of nowhere.

And that’s what X-IO Worldwide Service does: provide coordinated support, services, and training for the hardware, software, device drivers, operating systems, and applications that are qualified to work with X-IO’s products and solutions.

Our service is consistently cited by our customers as part of the reason they’re growing their investment in ISEs.

X-IO Field Engineering

X-IO Field Engineering provides quality service and support, focused on maintaining successful, long-term customer relationships. Field Engineering services include:

  • Installation of X-IO solutions
  • Post-sale support, including break-fix issue resolution
  • Fee-based Field Services

X-IO Support Center

The X-IO Support Center takes all calls, worldwide, for service and support issues involving products sold by X-IO.

The Support Center includes:

  • Support for collaborative problem solving
  • Online services, including support requests, KnowledgeBase, and user documentation
  • A multimillion dollar dedicated ISE lab, for customer training

X-IO Hardware Warranty and Maintenance

X-IO supports hardware, either through our standard time-of-purchase warranty, or — for our customers who want to leverage their ISE investment across a six- or seven-year duty cycle — as a maintenance extension after the warranty period expires.

Each ISE  comes with a five-year hardware warranty, at no additional charge. For customers in the United States, the warranty period starts the day the unit is shipped, and for customers outside the United States, it starts sixty (60) days after the day the unit is shipped.

Hardware maintenance includes the following items:

  • ActiveWatch (advanced real-time telemetry capture and “phone home” alerts and notification)
  • Replacement of failed hardware components
  • Failed component-related phone support

Parts Logistics

X-IO’s Parts Logistics enables X-IO to position any part, anywhere ISE are installed, in an average of four hours if needed. Each of our strategic stocking locations is provisioned with an ample supply of critical ISE parts, and managed to meet the needs of customers exclusively within the stocking location’s region. Our logistics network includes:

  • Centralized distribution, using a “hub & spoke” approach
  • Primary hubs in Atlanta and Toronto with over 50 North American and 6 European parts stocking locations
  • Dispatch by X-IO Support Center with next business day or 4-hour average delivery options
  • Next business day or 4-hour delivery of critical components
  • Next business day delivery of noncritical components.
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