Sunk Costs Exploding and Why You Need MSP Storage Solutions

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In our technology driven world, computer data is accumulating very quickly. Email, financial documents, presentations, spreadsheets, video and customer files are amassing to the point that most company’s storage solutions are no longer adequate. Managed Service Providers can be extremely helpful in keeping your data stored safely and with easy access for those who need to use the information efficiently. By outsourcing storage (and your storage and performance problems) to an MSP, your company can cut expenses and improve operations. Let’s look at some of the issues surrounding data storage that can make hiring an MSP a “no-brainer.”

  • Legal Reasons – Most small and medium-sized companies archive e-mail messages dating back five or more years.
  • Government Regulations – In the wake of Enron and Worldcom, government regulations, such as Sarbanes-Oxley, require businesses to maintain and backup a variety of data they might have otherwise deleted. This added collection of data puts a strain on the already filled-to-capacity storage areas of your company.
  • Increase in Data Breaches – Safely storing data to thwart hacking, viruses and spyware has become more difficult.  Outsourcing to an MSP storage facility can mean centrally located files with a company that is on top of the latest security threats.
  • Growing storage needs – Companies are using more and more data with new applications, videos and graphics being added daily.  Mobile data just adds to the already large collection of files.  With the need for real-time back-up slow storage slows your entire teams application performance.
  • Virtualization and storage have changed. Do it yourselfers profitability is reduced due to the uncertainty of ongoing break/fix incidents with outdated solutions. Ultimately, the number of contractors, staff and costs required to manage system performance and reliability due to unexpected outages, hardware failure, unexpected site visits, and other types of technical misbehavior cause maintenance costs to skyrocket and cause unplanned expenditures in both labor and hardware replacement.
  • Cost Savings – According to an X-IO Storage study by veteran storage Systems Engineer Jeff Boling, the 5-year TCO of a customer making their own enterprise-class SAN solution for 28 TB of usable, higher-than-average performance, highly resilient, low-latency storage would be around $418K. Compare that to an MSP using new storage solutions like X-IO Technologies Intelligent Storage Element which cut the 5-year TCO of a customer by two-thirds at $115K, and reduces hassles and increases performance for your organization. (See chart below, click to zoom.)

make.cost chart

Regardless of the size of your business, storage will eventually become a problem. Looking into an MSP solution to solve the new problems associated with your storage needs may be the right fit for your individual needs.  If you are looking for smart solutions X-IO can work with your business to help you find the right MSP fit for your needs.

About Jeff Boling

Author Jeff Boling has a Bachelor of Science in Econometrics from Eastern Kentucky University, a 13 year veteran Storage Systems Engineer for X-IO Technologies, serving as a frequent storage subject matter expert for Citrix, SNIA, Microsoft, Cisco and VMware audiences, as well as being a SQL DBA, VCP5-DCV, EMC SPEED Certified, EMC Cloud Architect, MCT, CNI, CCNP, MCSE and SNIA Certified Storage Architect. Follow Jeff on Twitter @SAN_GUY

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