Server Virtualization

The opportunity for your company to develop large-scale server virtualization has never been greater. But to innovate, you’ll need an underlying storage infrastructure that’s effective, reliable and ready to take on any challenge you send its way. X-IO’s ISE is a powerful, affordable, virtualized storage engine specifically designed to survive — and thrive — in large-scale server virtualization environments.

X-IO’s ISE All-Flash Array

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Predictable Performance

X-IO’s ISE responds with reliable consistency to radically different workloads, including those that are competing for underlying shared storage resources.


Boosts System Effectiveness

Got a poorly-configured or power-hungry virtual machine that puts a strain on neighboring virtual resources? That means you’re paying to house, support and utilize storage that doesn’t get the job done. X-IO’s ISE maximizes your IT spend by providing workhorse storage that won’t let you down. It prevents the power drain caused by virtual machines, protecting your system from damage and lag.

Seamless Integration

Skip configuring and managing each feature and simplify your infrastructure by shift command to your virtual machines. X-IO’s ISE easily integrates with the hypervisor and provides detailed diagnosis whenever a problem arises, allowing your administrators to manage storage easily without the need for extensive expertise.

  • Guaranteed per-second input and output (IOPs) per 100GBs of storage
  • Eliminates increased expenses caused by over-provisioned capacity
  • Designed to prevent the “I/O blender” — latency caused by hefty VM workloads
"Right now we have 45 VDI machines running on the [ISE] 920. And we have 40 to 50 servers running on the new X-IO… and we have had zero performance issues."
Matt Wilson, IT Manager/Gould Evans
"When speaking with X-IO, it was the first time a vendor was willing to fully address our questions regarding IOPS and performance. This made us feel very comfortable with the solution, up to and even after deployment."
Director of Technology/Calallen ISD

Flexible, Scalable and Industry-Agnostic

Supported Databases
  • Oracle
  • Sybase
  • IBM
  • Microsoft SQL Server
Industries Served
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Retail
  • Education

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