Online Transaction Processing (OLTP)

online_transaction_iconOnline transaction processing (OLTP) applications remain the operational core of most businesses. When OLTP applications slow, underperform expectations, or become unreliable, a company’s core business processes reflect that, immediately.

X-IO’s ISE 200 and 700 series intelligent storage elements are designed to accelerate online transaction processing applications, intelligently and automatically keeping transactionally-hot data on SSD, to speed current transactions, while simultaneously providing terabytes of fast-read, fast-write storage for operational reporting. Conventional storage solutions fail to understand that operational nuances of the database management systems (DBMSs) that underpin most OLTP applications, and typically bottleneck current transaction wall-clock time, while simultaneously making it expensive, and sometimes dangerous, to retain OLTP historical data for operational reporting.

By contrast, the X-IO ISE is purpose-built to accelerate relational database management systems in OLTP environments — for both current transaction load and complex, continual operational reporting on terabytes of historical data — while also handling the I/O load of frequently extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) processes that feed operational data stores and data warehouses — all while providing the performance, robustness and reliability that OLTP environments demand, including our unique active-active volume and disk mirroring, in-situ remanufacturing of failed or marginal drives, and zero drive replacement.

What our partners say

“The X-IO system proved that we could deliver a high level of performance coupled with very fast response times – a critical factor to our customers. The test underscored how the Cisco/X-IO solution could be scaled to grow without a drop in performance levels.” – Riversand co-founder and CTO speaking on behalf of an outstanding benchmark using Cisco UCS and the Hyper ISE/Riversand Goes Extreme MDM

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What Our Customers Say

“I chose X-IO over the other storage options out there because of the performance/value metric I saw. The performance of their SANs were exactly what we were looking for to run our physical and virtual environments. We have many large SQL clusters, so we were looking for a solution that offered lower fiber-channel overhead and reduced latency. We found that with X-IO. On top of that, past customers have nothing but raving positives about support. Given that we are a small team, the strong support is what ultimately drew us to partner with X-IO.” – Director of Technology/Almond Board of California

The ISE packs this performance and reliability into very efficient storage building blocks, which support hundreds of thousands of database operations per second, while consuming relatively little energy, and only 3 rack units (U) of physical space. This allows our customers to replace rows of conventional enterprise storage — hundreds of rack units — with one or two ISEs, reducing their space and energy consumption while improving transactional and reporting performance, and improving end-user experience.

And our benchmark results — underneath a wide range of online transaction processing applications, from retail banking to telecommunications billing to insurance claim processing — prove it. The ISE is the industry’s best available open storage building block for OLTP environments that need lightning-fast transaction processing and robust operational reporting, while ensuring the operational stability and reliability of their OLTP applications.

Hundreds of our customers, using ISEs in OLTP environments underneath Oracle, Sybase, IBM and Microsoft SQLServer databases, have found the ISE to be an ideal storage building block for OLTP environments. Ask them, and they’ll tell you that X-IO ISES have decreased their applications’ wall-clock transaction times  significantly, reduced their business process execution times (sometimes, from hours to seconds), halved their storage costs, and made their dreams of robust operational reporting on years of transactional history into high-performance realities.


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