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Today, the performance and scale of nearly every data warehouse in production is throttled by its underlying storage infrastructure. Adding more users, more data and more functionality to a production data warehouse is usually limited by the performance and cost of the underlying storage, leaving companies vulnerable to budgetary challenges and damaged credibility, especially those with data-hungry end-users.

X-IO’s ISE 900 is an affordable storage solution that is revolutionizing the speed, accessibility and agility of both conventional data warehousing and business intelligence environments, as well as leading-edge predictive and statistical analysis applications. In X-IO environments, administrators spend time adding new capabilities to the data warehousing environment, rather than attempting — often, with mixed success — to tune their way around intractable storage problems.

X-IO’s ISE All-Flash Array

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From Minutes to Seconds

With X-IO’s ISE, you’ll watch your queries — now unhindered by clunky, dated infrastructure — return in mere seconds instead of minutes. And, with X-IO’s FastForever® program, you receive this efficiency at the industry’s most affordable price.


Data for Every Demand

Modern demands on data warehouses often bring conventional enterprise storage and upstart hybrid arrays to their knees, not to mention financial impact of maintaining the infrastructure. X-IO’s ISE is designed to not just survive data-ravenous usage, but thrive under the conditions, creating an easy-to-use and easier-to-trust underlying storage infrastructure that delivers superior results at an affordable price.

Sample Capabilities
  • Semi-structured textual data
  • Real-time streaming data sets
  • IO-intensive predictive algorithms
  • Statistical and non-statistical in-database analytics

Our customers consistently report that ISEs:

  • Reduce their wall-clock query response time from hours or minutes, to seconds
  • Allow them to update their data warehousing environments three or more times a day, while supporting hundreds of simultaneously active users during refresh cycles
  • Reduce the running time of statistical and predictive applications by minutes or hours

All while:

  • Reducing their storage footprint by 30-70%
  • Eliminating the need for storage array servicing entirely
  • Cutting their energy bills by 50% or more.

Flexible, Scalable and Industry-Agnostic

Supported Databases
  • Oracle
  • Sybase
  • IBM
  • Microsoft SQL Server
Industries Served
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Retail
  • Education
"We have been able to draw a direct line between the level of performance we’re getting out of the ISE units and the performance we see at the application layer. It’s important to us that we were able to monitor and track that."
Managing Director and CIO/Argus Information and Advisory Services
"The X-IO system proved that we could deliver a high level of performance coupled with very fast response times – a critical factor to our customers. The test underscored how the Cisco/X-IO solution could be scaled to grow without a drop in performance levels."
Chris Meystrik, Riversand Co-founder and CTO

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