Cloud Infrastructure

While establishing a private or hybrid cloud environment has become commonplace, getting it right isn’t always as easy as it first seems. While the benefits of a private cloud fit well into many organizations, cloud storage is not the same old task of provisioning LUNs from storage arrays, this is a very different beast.

Any storage vendor will tell you they’re cloud-capable, cloud-ready, or built-for-the-cloud. Given the wide variety of architectural approaches and even wider variety of technical choices made by these vendors, that begs the question: what does cloud-enabling storage really look like?

X-IO’s Intelligent Storage Elements are not just designed for cloud environments, they are ideal for them!

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  • Scale up or out on demand. Easily and non-disruptively deploying additional hardware and integrating it into the existing environment.
  • Multi-tenancy, multi-client, performance and security. Shared resources with QoS delivering multiple performance tiers.
  • Management, provisioning and decommissioning of resources. Cloud-ready storage with REST API.
  • Reporting on resource usage

Flexible, Scalable and Industry-Agnostic

Supported Databases
  • Oracle
  • Sybase
  • IBM
  • Microsoft SQL Server
Industries Served
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Retail
  • Education
"Being an end user, cloud provider and a reseller puts BroadAspect in a unique position… We were looking for a partner that would provide us with usable features, and X-IO’s unique ‘Zero Touch’ approach is just one of these features saving us time and money."
CTO and VP Cloud Services/BroadAspect – Cloud Service Provider
"The [ISE] 920 checked all the boxes that we're looking for. And the ability to have the deduplication for all the same machines has helped tremendously."
Matt Wilson, IT Manager/Gould Evans
"We’re seeing 25x the IOPS we got with our previous SAN. With extremely low latency, VM deployment is around 15-20xquicker, and our storage is perfectly placed to easily handle IOPS storms and ensure the end user doesn’t see any performance degradation."
CEO and Founder/RTW Hosting – Cloud Services Provider

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