ISE 700 Series Hybrid Arrays

Flash Accelerated Performance for All Your Storage Needs

X-IO’s range of hybrid arrays deliver flash accelerated performance for virtualization, database, and cloud hosting solutions. The X-IO hybrid arrays give you the agility needed to flex to today’s complex and variable workload environments, without compromising on reliabIlity, availability, or affordability.

Accelerate Any Workload

Optimize Virtual Desktop Productivity

Get more performance than physical desktops as boot storms become a thing of the past. Run deployment operations during the day without risk of performance bottlenecks.

Empower Server Virtualization

Ensure mission critical continuity with active-active metro storage clusters and maximize consolidation without impacting performance.

Accelerate Database Management Systems

Experience an 800% workload performance improvement and three times as many online transactions with for a fraction of the cost of traditional storage.

Flexible, Fast, Accelerated Volumes

X-IO’s flash accelerated datastores technology helps you choose the most efficient deployment for your environment. Media Affinity allows you to utilize the 700 Series Hybrid Storage Array as both an All-Flash Array and a disk storage array by pinning volumes to low-latency flash storage.

This technology provides automated, real-time movement between flash and disk, ensuring high performance without the need for specialist storage skills. Both technologies can be combined in a single array to deliver the flexibility and performance for your environment.

“It used to take students 40 minutes before they could access their desktop – just in time for class to be over. Now we have our virtual desktops configured to log in on boot up. All 270 systems across all campuses are up and running in less than four minutes.”

Bryan Brown, Director of Technology

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