ISE 200 Series Disk Arrays

The Most Reliable Storage Arrays for
All of Your Mission Critical Needs

X-IO’s ISE 200 Series Enterprise Disk Arrays deliver consistent high performance even at 100% capacity for virtualized, database, and cloud-hosting environments.

Real-World High Performance

Get High Performing Server Consolidation

Ensure your business and mission critical applications are always available with active-active storage clusters.

Advance Database Management System Performance

Process data four times faster than the leading disk array while reducing data warehousing load and analytics processing times.

Grow Margins and Reduce Costs for Cloud Services

Always get 100% capacity without impacting client performance. Experience the simplicity and cost savings of the only self-healing storage array in the industry.

Unmatched Reliability with Self-Healing Drives

The ISE is the storage industry’s only array designed to repair itself, silently and invisibly, and to run for five or more years with no service events. In fact, they last so long, that many of our customers skip an entire storage refresh cycle.

“X-IO provided us with a solution that fulfills our need for predicable storage capacity and very little management intervention. The solution also provides high density and efficiency, delivering great operational savings as it uses less space and energy than other arrays. Thanks to the ISE boxes, we now have strong confidence in our storage infrastructure, which is crucial at a time of growth.”

Corey Staheli, CIO

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