Intelligent Storage Element (ISE)

Intelligent Storage for All Computing Needs

No matter how you scale or configure X-IO’s Intelligent Storage Elements (ISE), you will revolutionize how you manage and grow your storage environment. Imagine increasing your IOPS by 2x, 3x or more while reducing rack space, energy, and care and feeding. 

ISE is powered by highly unique software that ensures high peformance and reliability, without compromise. The patented Matrixed-Based Raid provides superior data protection while allowing full capacity operation at up to 4 times the performance of the leading storage array. 

Thin Provisioning

thin provisioning

Helps you optimizes storage capacity
and reduce waste and space from
over-unallocated storage.

Data-at-Rest Encryption

data-at-rest encryption

Included at no extra cost. Supports secure erase and is self-encrypting—with no performance degradation.

Quality of Service


Gives you guaranteed performance and bandwidth availability for your mission critical applications.

RESTful Web Services API

Rest API

Gives you better performance and scalability while enabling ongoing management using external software.

Active-Active Mirroring

active-active mirroring

Maximize uptime with no touch failover and recovery and convenient integration with VMware and Microsoft.

VMware Integration

Extended VMware integration with vSphere Web Client, VASA, and vCops for seamless control.

Layered with Intelligent Software

You CAN Have Them Both: High Performance & High Reliability

Data is allocated, within all ISE, using a patented matrix-based RAID model that provides protection for data, superior to conventional RAID models. While optimizing the performance of each medium within the pack of drives, matrixed RAID drives devices to their theoretical maximum performance. This generally yields 2 to 4 times the host IO performance-per-drive of any alternative storage array.

The ISE’s matrixed RAID implementation produces an array that is both high-performance and highly reliable: two features that are generally thought of, in the storage industry, as mutually exclusive. The ISE’s matrixed RAID implementation also produces an array that performs as well when it is full as it does when initially provisioned—a unique feature of the ISE.

The matrixed RAID model additionally allows the ISE to reserve media capacity within each pack of drives and on each disk against the inevitable loss of capacity from failed or marginal operating media. That reserve capacity is provided at no cost by X-IO, above and beyond purchased capacity, and is used, by the in-situ remanufacturing and restoration processes, described below, when failed or suboptimal media require attention.

Eliminate Downtime

While the ISE is in operation, in-situ remanufacturing processes observe the detailed telemetry collected by the MRCs, on each drive and each pack of drives. When disk telemetry indicates that it is in danger of becoming compromised, ISR processes immediately migrate the data on that medium, to the spare capacity reserved within the pack of drives, and then perform a series of diagnostics to determine whether the drive can be restored to full operation. ISR services produce no impact, from either a performance or capacity perspective, on ISE operations.

Several best-in-world published benchmarks conducted with ISEs were produced, in controlled environments, in situations that necessitated ISR. While the benchmark was in process, the ISR impact was undetectable by the benchmark team, and no evidence of the remanufacturing was visible in the benchmark results.

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