iglu Disk Storage Systems

Cost-Optimized, High Performing HDD

X-IO HDD storage gives you cost-­optimized configurations of 100% capacity utilization with no drop in performance, easily achieving performance levels of other hybrid array systems.

Simultaneous and Virtual Server Protection

X-IO WAN-optimized replication for VMware minimizes bandwidth costs by reducing requirements through four primary features: encryption, compression, link-status awareness, and deduplication. Unique X-IO replication features include adaptive replication, which automatically switches between continuous and periodic data transmission in the event of temporary bandwidth link outage or throughput degradation, and ReplOptimize, a patented deduplication technology that minimizes the amount of data transmitted during replication.

Comprehensive Application Integration for Complete Data Protection

iglu provides full application integration through snapshot agents that are available for various database and messaging applications and file system platforms. They coordinate the process of taking snapshots of a protected disk, safely and reliably copying data as of a point in time, with transactional integrity. These application-aware snapshot agents provide complete data protection for active databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and messaging applications such as Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes.

Any-to-Any AutoRecover

AutoRecover technology provides you the administrative flexibility that is desperately needed in case of an actual disaster. You can use any combination of supported physical and virtual machines for any-to-any recovery: P2P, P2V, V2V, or V2P, including similar or dissimilar machines. The AutoRecover tool features seamless integration with VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V. Intuitive wizards help create hypervisor servers and virtual machines (VM) at any location.

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