More than 300 manufacturers — building everything from structural steel, wood products, lighting systems, windows and manufactured homes, to automotive subassemblies, hard disk drives and textile fibers — use X-IO’s Intelligent Storage Elements as the scalable storage building block underneath their line-of-business and back-office applications, to accelerate their data warehouses, manufacturing historians and operational reporting systems, and to power their server virtualization infrastructure.

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For our customers in manufacturing, the hallmarks of effective enterprise-grade data storage are: time, and availability. As their materiel workflow becomes more and more intertwined with their informational flow, manufacturers’ ability to build product, match inventory, WIP and inbound supplies to orders, diagnose batch build problems, and response instantaneously to their customers’ requirements and needs depend on rapid transaction execution, and rapid query response times: high-performance database management systems and applications that are accelerated, not choked, by their underlying storage arrays.

X-IO’s manufacturing customers report, time and again, radical reductions in process cycle times, often by an order of magnitude, when they supercharge their database-based applications with X-IO ISEs.

Those kinds of cycle time reductions can’t be hit-or-miss; they have to be continuously available, particularly in manufacturers who are differentiating themselves with short turn times and high levels of customization. Core transactional and analytical applications must be always on, always available and always high-performance, regardless of workload or materiel flow at any given time. And that performance must also scale with capacity, to support large volumes of transactional history, in operational reporting environments, and process-level detail in manufacturing historians, which are moving from rarely-used data repositories to continually-active analytical platforms.

Our manufacturing customers tell us that X-IO ISEs have provided exactly what they’re looking for in their core information storage infrastructure: database application acceleration and improved application availability, with rated performance regardless of capacity or user load, powered by storage that performs exactly as advertised, and requires little or no maintenance.

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