X-IO’s customers in the global healthcare industry — more than 400 organizations, operating as payors, providers and regulators — are almost without exception operating under intense scrutiny, providing the most critical of human services to millions of individuals every day, in an environment in which information technology has penetrated every aspect of the healthcare value chain, and in which information has become an essential ingredient in the safe and cost-effective delivery of healthcare services.

Healthcare Solutions

Our health services customers are pursuing aggressive technology programs to standardize on industry-leading back office and clinical applications, and inform care providers and operational staff with up-to-the-second, reliable information, while also managing patient wellness, handling claims more effectively, detecting and preventing health care fraud, and complying with stringent regulatory and reporting requirements.

They tell us that they expect their storage infrastructure to:

  • support super-fast transaction processing, underneath packaged back-office and clinical applications that are, without exception, mission-critical, and in the direct path of patient care. Seconds matter, all the time, every time.
  • accelerate large data warehousing, reporting and analysis environments based on very large databases (VLDBs) of structured, semi-structured and multimedia data used for clinical care, operational control, regulatory compliance and risk management. Queries, regardless of complexity, have to return answers in seconds, not minutes or hours.
  • provide a highly reliable, cost-effective infrastructure for long-term, high-reliability storage and retrieval of petabytes of clinical and operational data, often using cutting-edge Big Data technologies or industry-standard distributed or centralized shared file services. Every piece of clinical and operational data, for decades, needs to be reliably housed, and immediately available.

Our healthcare customers deploy X-IO’s Intelligent Storage Elements for these demanding application environments because ISEs:

  • offer the highest available levels of reliability in the storage industry. Our ISE storage arrays consistently operate for five or more years in healthcare environments, without a single service event.
  • deliver predictable, high performance in database management system applications — whether transactional, query-oriented or mixed — without tuning or coddling. The ISE’s high-performance architecture, and self-tuning hybrid storage design makes micro-fine tuning of DBMSs unnecessary.
  • provide multi-petabyte shared or dedicated storage pools for both block- and file-based data, purchasable and deployable in small, efficient increments, as and when needed. The ISE’s brick-at-a-time scale-up and scale-out architecture allows health services firms to purchase exactly and only the performance and capacity they need, exactly when they need it.

Whether you’re a payor, a provider or a regulator, you’ll find that X-IO customers just like you have solved their most complex application and infrastructure storage problems, using Intelligent Storage Elements, in environments just like yours.

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