Financial Services

More than 300 financial services institutions worldwide — retail banks, credit unions, trading operations, insurance companies, mortgage servicing operations, venture capital firms, leasing firms, investment banks, financial publishers, and financial information services providers — rely on the X-IO’s Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) to power their core online transaction processing (OLTP) applications, accelerate their business intelligence environments, and provide the foundation for their desktop virtualization and server virtualization infrastructure.

Operating in highly-competitive markets with complex regulatory regimes, and facing equally complex internal technical integration challenges, our financial services customers depend on high-performance, rock-solid, trouble-free virtualized infrastructure to reduce operating costs and free up personnel and capital for new investments. Those new investments, often in customer- and market-facing analytical applications focused on customer care and risk management, and on line-of-business applications that deliver services to mobile devices, require a scalable storage infrastructure that:

  • delivers predictably high performance regardless of workload mix, and regardless of available capacity
  • supports thousands of simultaneously active users, and houses decades of historical information at low levels of detail
  • can be managed, with a few lines of code, by the software application stacks it supports, rather than by armies of storage technicians
  • never, ever, fails.

X-IO’s financial services customers value the Intelligent Storage Element for its world-class performance in data-intensive applications, its scalability, the ease with which ISEs integrate into market-leading virtualization technologies, and the ISE’s set-and-forget reliability.

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