Hundreds of school districts, colleges, universities and private educational organizations in North America depend on X-IO’s Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) to accelerate their desktop virtualization and server virtualization infrastructure, and to power their core information systems: from student enrollment and financials, to clinical and laboratory applications.

Solutions for EducationOur education customers are, almost without exception, focused on delivering more value to their educators, with budgets that are flat, or contracting. As more and more instruction becomes computer-based and electronically delivered, and students of every class bring their own devices into the teaching environment, educational IT organizations have moved from the sidelines, into the core of the educational institution’s mission. Asked to enable highly-scalable virtual desktop infrastructure for fast start-up and tear-down computer-based classroom education, to deploy new applications and multimedia databases to enable an institution’s educators and researchers, to support broad and deep distance education initiatives with virtualized server-based applications, or to consolidate distributed data centers for efficiency and cost savings, our education customers are, in a word, stressed.

For our customers in education, the X-IO Intelligent Storage Element serves as a stress-reducer, taking the complexities of provisioning and managing storage for desktop and server virtualization off the IT organization’s list of concerns. When our education customers have turned to X-IO after an unsuccessful virtualization project based on conventional enterprise storage arrays or on commodity hybrid storage systems, we’ve been able to provide them with scalable, high-performance virtualization-ready storage infrastructure, at a fraction of the cost of their initial purchases. When they’ve opted for ISEs from the start, we’ve helped our education customers take the market’s most complex and demanding VDI and server virtualization projects into production in a matter of weeks, with no false starts, unmet commitments or dissatisfied internal customers.

All of our education customers tell us that their X-IO storage infrastructure has one characteristic they value above everything else: it just works. As promised. When promised. Without caveats, or qualifications, or limitations. At scale, on time, every time. No-touch. Set-and-forget.

In an environment as demanding as that of educational IT, a high-performance set-and-forget storage infrastructure, with rated-performance-at-rated-capacity guarantees and a five-year, no-cost warranty is a significant stress reducer.

And a significant cost reducer.

And that’s just what our customers in education are looking for.

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