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ISE can just work, for you.

The demand for high-performance, high-reliability superscalar data storage infrastructure knows no market boundaries.

X-IO’s ISE customers operate worldwide, in nearly every market segment in the global economy, including financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, energy and natural resources, utilities, telecommunications, media, electronic commerce, government and education.

Large or small, international or local, specialty or broad-market, our customers have three things in common:

  • They’re committed to software-defined storage (SDS) infrastructures that enable an application-centric architecture, focused on the technology needs of the business and the applications that underpin the business.
  • They believe that performance, reliability and capacity matter — that you don’t sacrifice one to get another — and that total cost of ownership (TCO) is the only proper way to measure the economics of enterprise or cloud storage.
  • They rely on X-IO’s Intelligent Storage Element — in small grids, and in pools of hundreds of ISEs — to power their virtualized desktop and server infrastructure, and to accelerate their most demanding online transaction processing (OLTP) and business intelligence (BI) applications.

Asked to rank what they value about their ISE-based storage environments, our customers have told us:

  • The ISE’s predictably high performance, and its fast-when-full guarantee, lets IT focus on technical problems, issues and opportunities that affect business performance. We don’t have to tend and coddle our storage infrastructure. It takes care of itself, regardless of load, whether it’s empty or full. The ISE just works. Our colleagues in the business units appreciate that fact, and appreciate us, because of that.
  • The brick-at-a-time scalable ISE architecture makes software-defined storage an easy-to-implement reality. No complex, performance- and throughput-throttling SAN controllers stand between our applications, and the storage throughput, performance and capacity they require. We buy storage as and when we need it. We’re never over provisioned, or under provisioned. We don’t have to buy capacity we can’t use, to get IOPS we need. And we aren’t forced to buy more IOPS than we need, to feed our performance-starved applications. When we do need more performance, or more capacity, we buy it in just the right amount; we know we’ll never have to face a wholesale change-over, or a forklift upgrade.
  • We don’t struggle to integrate ISEs into our operating systems, our hypervisors, or our merchant database management systems (DBMSs); it just works.
  • The ISE’s economics are the best in the storage industry. We support more users, more applications and drive better performance using less floor space, and consuming less energy, than ever before. We use all the capacity we’ve purchased, with no performance degradation. We support our most demanding applications with a few ISEs — sometimes with just one ISE — rather than racks and racks of conventional enterprise storage. Our energy consumption has decreased by 40%. No one replaces drives, or drive shelves, anymore. And we can, for the first time, assume that our storage infrastructure has a five-, six- or seven-year useful life; we’ve gotten off the 24-month upgrade treadmill. We spend that money on business-critical improvements, now, rather than on storage refresh.

Regardless of the markets in which your company operates, and whatever the virtualization or database-acceleration challenge you’re facing, you’ll find that more than a few X-IO customers just like you have faced the same challenge, and solved their problem with Intelligent Storage Elements, and the on-going assistance of X-IO and its global network of savvy integration partners.

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