Industrial IoT – Duct tape & bailing wire? Or just do it right?

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IIoT and the challenges facing the IT world today

The velocity of the relatively new IoT industry and especially Industrial IoT is increasing at a dramatic speed. Not only is its velocity increasing but so is its direction – it’s going everywhere. Don’t worry, I won’t use one of those ‘expanding universe’ analogies here.

So, is software ahead of hardware, or is hardware leading the way? Many would say Industrial IoT software has advanced rapidly. That it is still looking for the hardware to catch up. Others would claim software is still nascent and is trying any and everything just to get a foothold. Probably both hardware and software are lagging. So, the IT world; users and vendors, are pitching cobbled-together systems to try to address the demands for the edge computing systems needed to solve Industrial IoT challenges. The software can’t be optimized because the hardware systems aren’t designed for what’s really needed. The hardware hasn’t been developed because the technology doesn’t exist yet – or does it???

X-IO is the only one out there that has actually created an edge computing platform built for – wait for it – edge computing! Axellio™ Edge Computing Systems. To do edge computing right, you need to understand the breadth of its potential impact and the depth of the data requirements. Use cases are far and wide, as mentioned in Pjselin’s Blog. But, the constant demand is a solution that can simultaneously ingest high-velocity data, store high volume data, and perform real-time complex analytics.

Duct tape and bailing wire’s not a solution – Axellio is.

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