Welcome to our Texas DIR Government Contract No. DIR-TSO-2635
for Storage Products & Services!

X-IO Technologies, an innovator in data storage and emerging leader in edge computing, is delivering a new foundation for storage with unprecedented affordability, simplicity, availability, and performance.

The Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) is an easy to use, high-performance storage system that is available as an all disk, all-flash, or hybrid solution. ISE systems provide enterprise-class reliability with an unmatched affordability. ISEs are an excellent solution for Microsoft SQL Server, Hyper-V, SharePoint, Exchange, Oracle, VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer or other database and virtualization solutions.

Intelligent Storage Element systems are built to provide 100% performance at 100% capacity for the complete lifecycle. Many customers have used our storage systems well into years 7, 8 and 9. Our HDD and hybrid solutions have been optimized to handle the stress of vibration, heat dissipation, data placement and drive reliability on spinning disks, and offset this with self-healing capabilities. This leaves you focusing on business-critical needs, instead of data storage. Our all-flash ISE is built to optimize data reduction, performance, and affordability – taking the same great healing capabilities and add full features for use in your most demanding environments and with your most demanding applications. With X-IO Technologies

Our products and services have offered great value to customers in SLED for over a decade. Contact us to see how we can simplify your data storage today.

X-IO Main Website for Product & Service Specifications

Contract Information

DIR Contract Number: DIR-TSO-2635

Contract Period:  9/19/2014 – 9/19/2018

DIR Ordering Address:
2375 Telstar Suite 150
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

DIR Co-op Contract Program Overview

DIR Website for X-IO Contract Information


Product Pricing

Listed below is a link to our price list. While you can view the pricing at your convenience, we recommend talking with an X-IO Territory Sales Manager to assist in properly configuring your storage solution. In addition, please note that quantity discounts for volume purchases are available.

Texas DIR Price List


Product Specifications

This information is readily available under Resources > Document Library > Datasheets or just click on the following link: Datasheets.

Configuration Aids

Because of the nature of our products, please contact Tim Cullen, Director of Global Sales Operations, at tim.cullen@x-io.com or 719-244-8246, and he will put you in touch with your local Territory Sales Manager who can assist you in configuring a system that fits your requirements.

Service Options and Agreements

X-IO provides several services options. These are addressed here with the appropriate datasheet. Additionally, the standard X-IO Service Agreement is provided here for download.

Problem Reporting & Equipment Maintenance

X-IO’s ActiveWatch system enables the ISE storage system to phone home in the event of an error, without any effort from the end user customer. Errors are recorded and a message is generated by a system inside of X-IO. The messages are then processed and forwarded to a support queue and are proactively processed in accordance with the severity of the issue. Most often, X-IO is working to resolve the issue long before the end user customer is even aware that there is a problem.

In addition, customers may speak directly with a member of our Technical Support Team by calling 1-800-734-4716 or emailing support@x-io.com.

For additional information, please visit our support page at http://xiostorage.com/support 


Contact Information

Primary Texas DIR Contact:
Tricia Kozlowski, Manager, Controller
X-IO Technologies
2375 Telstar Suite 150
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
Phone: (719) 388-5427
E-Mail: tricia.kozlowski@x-io.com

To Place Orders and for Billing Questions:
Leslie Sellmayer, Order Administrator
X-IO Technologies
2375 Telstar Suite 150
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
Phone: (719) 388-5574
Fax: (719) 388-5361
Email: leslie.sellmayer@x-io.com

Sales and Configuration Aids Contact:
Tim Cullen, Director of Global Sales Operations
X-IO Technologies
2375 Telstar Suite 150
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
Phone: (719) 244-8246
Email: tim.cullen@x-io.com

List of Authorized Resellers (Order Fulfillers):

Avisolve, LLC
Vendor ID: 463117723
HUB Type: Non HUB
Contact: Tony Meisner
Phone: (480) 707-2717
Address: 3317 S. Higley Road, Gilbert, AZ, 85297

Checkpoint Services, Inc.
Vendor ID: 1742775490200
HUB Type: Woman-Owned
Contact: Kristen Cox
Phone: (915) 581-1185
Fax: (915) 585-7751
Address: 1790 Commerce Park, Suite A-1, El Paso, TX 79912

Resonant Technology Partners, Inc.
Vendor ID: 1205745462600
HUB Type: Non HUB
Contact: Mark Stephen
Phone: (210) 477-3670
Fax: (210) 477-3690
Address: 23705 IH 10 West, Suite 301, San Antonio, TX 78257

Sequel Data Systems, Inc.
Vendor ID: 1742678386000
HUB Type: Non HUB
Contact: Chris Case
Phone: (512)-918-8841
Fax: (512)-918-8843
Address: 11824 Jollyville Road, Ste. 400, Austin, TX 78759

SHI Government Solutions, Inc.
Vendor ID: 1223695478500
HUB Type: Asian/Male
Contact: TX SHI Team
Phone: (800)-870-6079
Fax: (512)-732-0232
Address: 1301 South Mopac Expressway Ste. 375, Austin, TX 78746

Technology Integration Group (TIG)
Vendor ID: 19533825596902
HUB Type: Asian/Male
Contact: Ron Buckley
Phone: (210) 507-6991
Fax: (210) 507-6999
Address: 3201 Cherry Ridge C302, San Antonio, TX 78230

The Aldridge Company
Vendor ID: 1760113753600
HUB Type: Non HUB
Contact: Jane Smith
Phone: (713)-403-9150
Address: 4543 Post Oak Place Drive, Suite 208, Houston, TX 77027

The Mirazon Group, LLC
Vendor ID: 611363720
HUB Type: Non HUB
Contact: Heather Baumgardner
Phone: (502) 240-0404
Fax: (502) 240-0409
Address: 1640 Lyndon Farm Court, Ste. 102, Louisville, KY, 40223

Delcom Group, LP
Vendor ID: 1010604799500
HUB Type: Woman-Owned
Contact: Sean Delph
Phone: (214) 725-8400
Fax: (214) 389-5505
Address: 2525 B SH 121 Suite 400, Lewisville, TX 75056

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