Welcome to our NASPO ValuePoint Contract No. MNWNC-132
for Storage Products & Services!

Xiotech Corporation (dba X-IO or X-IO Technologies), an innovator in data storage and protection solutions, is delivering a new foundation for storage with unprecedented reliability, performance, and scalability.

The ISE Storage solutions are easy to use, high-performance storage system leveraging the industry’s best and proven technologies.  ISE storage provides enterprise-class reliability with self-healing capabilities.  ISE storage systems are an excellent solution for Microsoft SQL Server, Hyper-V, SharePoint, Exchange, Oracle, VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer or other database and virtualization solutions.

ISE is powered by highly unique software that ensures high performance and reliability, without compromise. The patented Matrixed-Based Raid provides superior data protection while allowing full capacity operation at up to 4 times the performance of the leading storage array.

All ISE are designed for workloads with growing volumes of data accessed concurrently, 24/7 data availability and low-latency. X-IO’s ISE Storage solutions provide more throughput, connectivity, and management simplicity than other arrays.

Product Pricing

Listed below is a link to our price list. While you can view the pricing at your convenience, we recommend talking with an X-IO Territory Sales Manager to assist in properly configuring your storage solution. In addition, please note that quantity discounts for volume purchases are available.

NASPO ValuePoint Price List  (effective 4/1/17)

NASPO ValuePoint Price List  (effective 11/1/16)

NASPO ValuePoint Price List  (effective 1/1/16)

NASPO ValuePoint Price List  (effective 4/13/15)

Product Specifications

This information is readily available under Resources > Document Library > Datasheets or just click on the following link: Datasheets.

Configuration Aids

Because of the nature of our products, please contact Tim Cullen, VP Global Sales Operations, at or 719-244-8246, and he will put you in touch with your local Territory Sales Manager who can assist you in configuring a system that fits your requirements.

Service Options and Agreements

X-IO provides several service options. These are addressed here with the appropriate datasheet. Additionally, the standard X-IO Service Agreement is provided here for download.

Problem Reporting & Equipment Maintenance

X-IO’s ActiveWatch system enables the ISE storage system to phone home in the event of an error, without any effort from the end user customer. Errors are recorded and a message is generated by a system inside of X-IO. The messages are then processed and forwarded to a support queue and are proactively processed in accordance with the severity of the issue. Most often, X-IO is working to resolve the issue long before the end user customer is even aware that there is a problem.

In addition, customers may speak directly with a member of our Technical Support Team by calling 1-800-734-4716 or emailing

For additional information, please visit our support page at

Participating Addendums

State of Alaska – 2015PC0032
State of California – 7-15-70-34-014
State of Colorado – 20160..18

State of Florida – 43211500

State of Idaho – PADD 16200008
State of Minnesota – 97234

State of Missouri – MNWNC-132

State of Nebraska – 14275 OC
State of New Jersey – 89983
State of New Mexico – 60-00…8BG

State of South Dakota – 16818
State of Washington – 05815-013

Contract Information

NASPO ValuePoint Master Agreement Award

NASPO ValuePoint Solicitation

X-IO Proposal

Contact Information

Primary NASPO ValuePoint Contact:
Tricia Kozlowski, Contract Manager, Controller
X-IO Technologies
2375 Telstar Suite 150
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
Phone: (719) 388-5427

To Place Orders and for Billing Questions:
Leslie Sellmayer, Order Administrator
X-IO Technologies
2375 Telstar Suite 150
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
Phone:  (719) 388-5574
Fax:  (719) 388-5361

Sales and Configuration Aids Contact:
Tim Cullen, VP Global Sales Operations
X-IO Technologies
2375 Telstar Suite 150
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
Phone:  (719) 244-8246

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