The X-IO FastForever Storage Program

Choosing storage for your IT needs shouldn’t be a guessing game! With X-IO’s FastForever Program, you can make your decision with 100% confidence. We provide you with total transparency every step of the way and back each solution with the industry’s most reliable price and growth guarantee. The FastForever Program is included from X-IO to you.

FastForever Completely Eliminates the Stress of:

  • Constantly escalating maintenance plans
  • Forced pay-ahead programs
  • Overpriced storage
  • Inadequate storage
  • Hidden fees
  • Restricted growth
  • Unkept promises

X-IO wants you to love your storage solution. We’ve created the FastForever Program to combat these common challenges in the all-flash storage market. Here’s what’s included with the X-IO all-flash solution.

FastForever Program Benefits

Low-Price Guarantee

We’ll beat any industry leader pricing for the same capacity and maintenance options by 40%. How? We keep our bottom line healthy by focusing research, development, and engineering. Additionally, our solutions utilize 25% of the CPU and DRAM that others require to achieve the same deduplication results; therefore, requiring less hardware. That means you get a better product at a better price, guaranteed

Free 30-Day Trial

Learn the ins and outs of your X-IO solution without a commitment to buy — no more risky spending on an unknown product, and no purchasing storage without loving what you’re getting! In 30 days you’ll know if our solution works for you, so you feel confident about your purchase.


Effective Capacity Guarantee

We promise to hit your unique capacity requirements in writing based on your workloads, so you know you’ll always get exactly what you paid for.

All-inclusive Maintenance

We provide you with all-inclusive maintenance, with simple-to-understand options, at a fair price. Best of all, there are no increases once you’ve made your selection.


Flexible Growth

Mix drive sizes, upgrade controllers, consolidate and upgrade capacity and more. No more stalling innovation out of fear of rising expenses.



"We can expect at least a five-year duration on all ISE systems and in some cases, we have seen more than five years with uncompromised performance."
Managing Director and CIO/Argus Information and Advisory Services
"Past customers have nothing but raving positives about support, and given that we are a small team, the strong support is what ultimately drew us to partner with X-IO."
Director of Technology/Almond Board of California
"Our overall experience working with X-IO has been great…The X-IO sales staff is highly responsive, professional, and helpful."
Gartner Peer Insights – Government Chief Systems Architect

Ready to learn more about how the FastForever Program can benefit you?

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