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Achieve Balanced Performance With MS SQL Server

Document: OV 0003 20130625

Data-at-Rest Encryption Solution Brief


This solution brief explains that X-IO Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) systems, including X-IO iglu, provide encryption-at-rest using AES 256-bit keys. ISE-based systems allow for encryption of all data with no impact to performance or capacity. By encrypting all data with ISE, compliance is ensured no matter where it is placed. ISE data-at-rest encryption can be used in any situation where security of data storage is a concern.

Intelligent Adaptive Flash Solution Brief

Document: SB-0023-20150125

A brief review of Intelligent Adaptive Flash.
• All-Flash or fully automated hybrid storage - you choose
• Media Affinity allows administrators to lock volumes to flash or disk
• Continuous Adaptive Data Placement allows administrators to deploy simple, automated data tiering

ISE Overview
ISE Overview | Overviews


ISE Value Proposition
ISE Value Proposition | Overviews

Document: OV 0002 20130509

Quality of Service (QoS) Solution Brief

Document: SB-0024-20150126

Key benefits of Quality of Service:
• Assign performance priority for volumes when contention for system resources is high
• Simple and intuitive, virtualization aware setup
• Separate enforcement policies for flash and disk based volumes
• Non-disruptive dynamic policy settings at the array or individual volume level

Replication Options Solution Brief

Document: SB-0028-20160209

The X-IO replication option works with X-IO iglu blaze solutions to replicate data over any existing infrastructure. In addition, it can be used for site migration, remote site consolidation for backup, and similar tasks.

Solutions for VMware vCenter Solution Brief

Document: SB-0033-20160216

X-IO provides data protection solutions that are fully certified with VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager, including VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5, enhancing the benefits of server virtualization with innovative, heterogeneous storage virtualization. With X-IO solutions, you can experience the tangible value of server virtualization, storage virtualization, and data protection without the hardware constraints and associated costs of traditional array-based solutions.

Storage Virtualization Solution Brief

Document: SB-0032-20160209

X-IO data protection solutions enable service-oriented DR by providing the same elasticity on the storage side that VMware provides on the server side, improving functionality across heterogeneous storage platforms. X-IO iglu blaze is an enterprise-class storage virtualization solution that optimizes VMware deployments, turning internal disks into shareable storage.

Synchronous Mirroring Solution Brief

Document: SB-0030-20160209

X-IO synchronous mirroring technology works with X-IO iglu blaze to provide block-level data mirroring. With a few mouse clicks, data can be synchronized to a second storage device independent of the servers involved. There is no need for system-specific host-based tools.

Thin Provisioning Solution Brief

Document: SB-0025-20150126

Key benefits of Thin Provisioning:
• Enables virtualization administrators the ability to deliver more VMs per ISE
• No impact to user experience
• Reduced solution costs, improved return on investment
• Still enables 100% performance at 100% capacity utilization

TimePoint Solution Brief

Document: SB-0031-20160209

X-IO TimePoint technology works with iglu blaze to enable you to create scheduled and on-demand point-in-time delta snapshot copies of data volumes. TimePoint includes the X-IO TimePtView feature, which creates an accessible, mountable image of any snapshot.

VMworld Brief Sentient Storage

Document: OV 0005 20140130

ISE Management Overview


In this video we take a look at all of the management options developed by X-IO and available with ISE.

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