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Argus | Case Studies

Document: CS-0017-20140602

A New York-based financial services expert increases reliability and capacity by implementing five ISE storage systems creating the capability to process data as much as four times faster than their previous system.

Argent | Case Studies

Document: CS-0005-20120909

X-IO's ISE solution delivers service, savings and scale to Argent, a UK-based property development group.

AvMed | Case Studies

Document: CS-0017-20140602

X-IO delivers outstanding VDI user experience to AvMed, a Florida-based health plan provider, by implementing ISE 700 series hybrid and ISE 200 series storage systems to virtually eliminate support calls.

Calallen ISD
Calallen ISD | Case Studies

Document: CS-0003-20140322

Calallen Independent School District in Texas uses X-IO’s ISE 700 series hybrid storage array to improve VDI productivity by reducing login times by 90 percent and increasing student productivity.

CAPIS | Case Studies

Document: CS-0010-20140325

Over the past five years, Texas-based institutional agency broker and research provider, Capis, has depended on the high performance levels, redundancy and reliability of X-IO’s ISE storage solution to handle the extremely sensitive data which is mission critical to their operations.

City of St. Petersburg Acheives Huge Cost Savings as VDI Environment Expands

Document: CS-0023-20141008

As the 5th largest city in Florida, the City of St. Petersburg produces a vast amount of data and requires resilient, scalable and available storage. Choosing X-IO's ISE products to support its VDI environment, is ideal for data-heavy applications because its cost-effectively provides the high performance necessary for transactions, queries, analytics and reporting.

Dewynters | Case Studies

Document: CS-0006-20120909

One of the world's leading live entertainment marketing specialists, UK-based, Dewynters required a complete technology refresh and found the price, performance and capacity of X-IO's ISE storage solution to be unmatched.

Efaflex | Case Studies

Document: CS-0015-20140602

Bavarian door manufacturer, Efaflex, requires X-IO’s cost-effective Hyper ISE storage solution that delivers faster memory and greater capacity to accommodate increasing hot spots and accelerate their mission-critical SAP production environment.

Efaflex Case Study (GERMAN)


Bavarian door manufacturer, Efaflex, requires X-IO’s cost-effective Hyper ISE storage solution that delivers faster memory and greater capacity to accommodate increasing hot spots and accelerate their mission-critical SAP production environment.

Extrinsica Global
Extrinsica Global | Case Studies

Document: 1

At the beginning of 2015, Extrinsica turned to X-IO’s Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) 700 hybrid array for a storage solution that could deliver next generation levels of performance
to meet the stringent demands of its customers. Read more to find out why.

Garland ISD
Garland ISD | Case Studies

Document: OO-0011-20140604

Garland Independent School District deploys VDI and the hybrid storage of X-IO's Hyper ISE storage systems to support increased productivity for thousands of students, teachers, and staff.

Gustavus Adolphus College
Gustavus Adolphus College | Case Studies

Document: CS-0013-20140408

Five years ago, Minnesota-based Gustavus Adolphus College, implemented X-IO’s ISE and Hyper ISE solution systems to keep up with the increasing amounts of data generated by a large staff and student population, which has proven reliable with no downtime and minimal maintenance.

H&M Bay, Inc.
H&M Bay, Inc. | Case Studies

Document: CS-0021-20140909

H&M Bay Inc. stores and transports frozen and refrigerated less-than-truckload goods across the US and required a large Microsoft SQL server database to track and monitor every order. X-IO's Hybrid ISE was an ideal fit for database applications because it cost-effectively provides high performance for transactions, queries, analytics, and reporting.

Jesuit College Prep School

Document: CS-0009-20140325

Five years ago, JCPS, located in north Dallas, Texas, found an easy-to-use storage system in X-IO’s ISE solution that offered high capacity and top performance to support their 1,000 student population.

Learn on Demand Systems Previously holSystems

Document: CS-0014-20140325

By implementing X-IO’s ISE technologies to eliminate the controller bottleneck of traditional storage arrays, X-IO’s ISE systems easily exceeded the IOPS requirements of holSystems, a fully automated multi-tenant cloud solution, to handle the high-profile, event-facing workloads for the company.

MEDITECH Applications
MEDITECH Applications | Case Studies

Document: CS-0008-20140130

MEDITECH EHR (electronic health records) replaced their out-of-date system with X-IO's Hyper ISE 710: a compact, ultra-high performance storage system and saw significant benefits of tripled performance, reduced latency, and an unlimited five-year warranty.

Microsoft Video Services
Microsoft Video Services | Case Studies

Document: OO-0002-20140828

X-IO's Hyper ISE solution impressed Microsoft Video Services with it's small footprint, affordable price, but most of all, it's performance in the new Boot San solution.

Pasco-Hernando State College

Document: CS-0012-20140325

For the past five years, X-IO has supported Florida-based Pasco-Hernando State College with the self-healing ISE storage system, offering high performance and capacity to their 14,500 students seeking a high-tech education.

Ports of Auckland
Ports of Auckland | Case Studies

Document: OO-0007-20120801

Ports of Auckland, New Zealand's leading port company, deployed DataCore SANsymphony storage virtualization software with X-IO ISE storage arrays to guarantee a failover time of mere minutes, increased storage performance and utilization, and greatly reduced their storage infrastructure costs and management burden.

Redknee | Case Studies

Document: CS-0002-20120315

Redknee, Microsoft Corporation, and X-IO Technologies conducted a comprehensive performance and scalability benchmark of Redknee TCB and found that X-IO delivered eight times the volume of subscribers at one third the storage cost.

Redknee At The MPSC - SQL Scalability Benchmark (OO-0001-20120301)


Redknee, an Ontario-based company, develops real-time convergent billing and customer care software, found that X-IO's Hyper ISE is capable of handling very large SQL Server 2012 workloads and that the Hyper ISE modules provide greatly improved IOPs to support the large workloads.

Riversand | Case Studies

Document: OO-0006-20121211

Riversand Technologies needed hard proof that its data management solutions will deliver wide scalability and process vast amounts of data via a SQL Server database at accelerated speeds. Along with the compatibility with SQL Server, X-IO 's ISE-2 and Hyper ISE demonstrated that it's scalability metrics could meet the challenge Riversand needed of over 100 terabytes.

RTW Hosting
RTW Hosting | Case Studies

Document: CS-0007-20131206

X-IO's Hyper ISE and ISE 200 series products met the growing performance requirements of RTW Hosting, Backbone LTD's private cloud platform, by delivering unmatched performance, value, resilience, unlimited scalability and industry-leading five-year warranty.

Seven Corners
Seven Corners | Case Studies


Seven Corners, an insurance company focused on travel health insurance, trip insurance, and specialty benefit management, needed a storage system to underpin its virtual desktop infrastructure implementation. By implementing X-IO ISE 230 storage arrays running DataCore, Seven Corners now has a highly available system—and its customers are enjoying a cloud service that offers consistently fast response times.

Shepherd Chemical
Shepherd Chemical | Case Studies

Document: CS-0011-20140325

Shepherd Chemical, a custom manufacturer of high quality metal salts and organic compounds, recognized the need to increase their performance and reliability five years ago, and implemented X-IO’s ISE storage solution that delivered a fast, resilient, high capacity solution that was easy to use by its entire staff.

Tenemos | Case Studies

Document: CS-0001-20120321

Temenos, Microsoft, and X-IO worked together to deliver performance-oriented banking solutions that deliver the transactions and performance requird by today's ever growing global banking customers.

Trans-System, Inc. Case Study

Document: CS-0020-20141009

Trans-System, Inc., a flatbed-trucking service company, deployed X-IO’s ISE 230 performance storage arrays to bring their IT infrastructure into the 21st century to support its mission-critical applications with enough capacity for a full storage overhaul.

ISE Management Overview


In this video we take a look at all of the management options developed by X-IO and available with ISE.

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