X-IO Technologies was founded as the Seagate Advanced Storage Group in 2002. Seagate launched a new division, in Colorado Springs, called the Advanced Storage Architecture Group. The group’s mission was to design a “post-SAN” scalable storage array that solved the storage industry’s most intractable problem: the inability of SAN vendors to produce a scalable storage architecture that provided performance, capacity and reliability, with zero trade-offs.

Working out of Seagate’s deep and broad knowledge of the storage media market, and employing a team of seasoned storage industry professionals from Compaq Storage Works, Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) and Hewlett-Packard, the group produced, in 2006, the first incarnation of what is today the X-IO Intelligent Storage Element (ISE).

In 2007, Seagate’s Advanced Storage Architecture group was spun out and purchased by Minneapolis based Xiotech. The Advanced Storage Group remained in Colorado Springs and in 2008 introduced the ISE-1 product line.

In 2012, the company moved the headquarters into its Colorado Springs location, and focused exclusively on development and sales of the ISE product line after the successful launch of the ISE-2 and Hybrid ISE products in 2011.

Today, X-IO Technologies has more than 1,500 customers using over 8,000 iglu Enterprise Storage and ISE Modular Scale-Out Storage for desktop and server virtualization and database application acceleration, inside the enterprise and in the cloud. Recognized for its unique performance, reliability, and manageability features, the iglu Enterprise Storage System and Intelligent Storage Elements Modular Scale-out Storage continue winning new customers and industry awards.

X-IO’s storage arrays carry the industry’s only five-year no-cost warranty, and the industry’s only rated-performance-at-rated-capacity guarantee. Asked to describe their ownership experience, many customers say it just works.

And that’s exactly what we aim for, for every customer, in every environment.

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