About X-IO Technologies

X-IO Technologies, an established innovator in advanced data storage systems, is the emerging leader in Edge Computing systems enabling real-time insight and response using big data analytics on high-volume, high-velocity streaming data.  X-IO Axellio™ edge processing performance enables unprecedented performance for leading applications, solution providers and OEMs in cybersecurity, financial markets, defense and intelligence, healthcare, telecom, and industrial IoT.

X-IO Axellio™ Edge Computing Systems, have unmatched capability to ingest and store data of massive volume and velocity, without any loss, while simultaneously running complex AI and machine learning analytics delivering real-time insight and response that keep up with today’s fastest networks and sensors.

X-IO ISE and iglu storage systems, whether all-flash, hybrid, or disk, continue to offer the industry’s highest levels of performance, ease of use, functionality, and reliability at the lowest cost.

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