RTW Hosting

“We’re seeing 25 times the IOPS we got with our previous SAN, with extremely low latency, VM deployment is around 15-20 times quicker, and our storage is perfectly placed to easily handle IOPS storms and ensure the end user doesn’t see any performance degradation.”


Argus Information & Advisory Services

“The X-IO ISE storage solution is competitive on a cost per TB basis, and also provides us with high performance, 100% utilization and superior reliability. These benefits are then amplified by the five-year warranty provided by X-IO. We can expect at least a five year duration on all ISE systems and in some cases we have seen in excess of five years and uncompromised performance…. We have been able to draw a direct line between the level of performance we’re getting out of the ISE units and the performance we see at the application layer. It’s important to us that we were able to monitor and track that. In a lot of instances, with a lot of other vendors, that line is so vague in terms of what the storage performance actually means to the application.”


“Being an end-user, cloud provider and a reseller puts BroadAspect in a unique position, and as a result we need a reliable storage solution as our foundation. We were looking for a partner that would provide us with usable features, ultimately contributing positively to how we do business. X-IO’s unique zero-touch approach is just one of these features saving us time and money. Not to mention the five-year warranty, which has significantly reduced our storage costs. This means that we can continue to grow, and service our growing customer base, safe in the knowledge that we are fully supported by a high performance storage solution.”


“X-IO’s 5-year warranty is great and its proactive monitoring means that I can essentially ‘forget’ about that piece of kit. If there are any potential issues they will be identified by X-IO long before they become a problem for me. I couldn’t be more delighted with X-IO storage. Where once we had three storage racks, we now have one, and it’s only operating at two-thirds of its rated performance and capacity.”

Microsoft Video Services

“With the X-IO hybrid ISE, we can boot up 100 servers as quickly as we can boot up a single server. We had made the decision to stop buying physical hard drives to support the individual servers, and we wanted to move to a SAN topology. The problem was that our initial exploration of Boot SAN solutions from many of the traditional storage vendors was turning up solutions that were very expensive, that took up a lot of space in a server rack, and that, frankly, did not deliver very much performance.”

Almond Board of California

“I chose X-IO over the other storage options out there because of the performance/value metric I saw.  The performance of their SANs were exactly what we were looking for to run our physical and virtual environments.  We have many large SQL clusters, so we were looking for a solution that offered lower fiber-channel overhead and reduced latency. We found that with X-IO.  On top of that, past customers have nothing but raving positives about support.  Given that we are a small team, the strong support is what ultimately drew us to partner with X-IO.”


2013: 5-Year Customers

Shepherd Chemical

“As our business demands grow, we turn to storage and data protection. Both are the foundation for running a business in today’s virtual, high performance, high capacity environment. X-IO is a very reliable, cost-effective vendor that we will continue to choose for our storage needs. Thanks to the high comfort level with the products and support we receive, I would happily recommend X-IO. In fact, X-IO should be on the short list of anyone trying to determine a vendor for their business.”

Gustavus Adolphus College

“We’ve been very happy with the performance of the X-IO boxes since we moved in 2008. Previously, we would have had servers go down weekly and had to reboot the storage. Now it works 100% of the time.”

Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas

“X-IO underpins our entire IT infrastructure. It provides high performance whilst remaining reliable and highly easy to use. Thanks to its self-healing capabilities, in the five years since it was installed, I have not had to touch it once. I would recommend X-IO to anyone in a heartbeat; it requires no maintenance time and it just works.”

Capital Institutional Services

“It’s nice to see an innovative solution with superior performance and availability that isn’t just made up of other existing storage offerings. X-IO’s ISE is a simple solution that I don’t have to devote much time to. It just works.”

Pasco-Hernando Community College

“I’m pleased to say I have never had to touch the X-IO ISE units since they were implemented. The solution just works really well and we can easily add to it when we reach capacity which is a huge positive. X-IO’s ISE solution takes care of itself with very little administration time.”

Calallen ISD

“It used to take students 40 minutes before they could access their desktop – just in time for class to be over. Now we have our virtual desktops configured to log in on boot up. All 270 systems across all campuses are up and running in less than four minute. X-IO was the first time a vendor was willing to fully address our questions regarding IOPS and performance. This made us feel very comfortable with the solution. Up until and even after deployment, all the other vendors we spoke with would skirt around the topic or change subjects completely.”

Argent Group

“We struggled to get three-year warranties from other potential suppliers, but X-IO offered a five-year warranty, standard. That told us that they believe in their product, its shelf life and performance. X-IO’s ISE Storage solution won our business because its 99.999% availability rate, price/performance ratio and IOPS capacity had no competitive equal.”

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