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Colorado Springs, Colo, 7 January 2016, X-IO Technologies today addressed growing concerns over security and compliance by announcing the addition of data-at-rest (DaR) encryption to its iglu blaze enterprise storage and Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) systems at no extra cost.

Across many regulated industries, compliance with data security laws can add another layer of complexity and risk. X-IO storage systems will now provide encryption-at-rest using AES 256-bit keys, which will encrypt all data with no impact to performance or capacity. The addition of DaR encryption will ensure compliance is assured whether data is stored on all-flash, hybrid, or hard disk configurations.

Other benefits of X-IO’s encryption include:

• Reduced risk and increased compliance with secure, encrypted storage
• Increased security for multi-tenant applications
• Zero performance impact
• Easy to implement and simple to use

X-IO’s iglu and ISE storage solutions are offered in flexible all-flash, hybrid, and hard disk configurations to address the most challenging performance demands of today’s data centers.

iglu and ISE deeply integrate with a wide variety of operating systems and hypervisors including Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere, making it a perfect solution for virtualization and server administrators. “Usually, data encryption solutions impact storage system performance leading to selective use with greater administrative concerns. X-IO’s transparent encryption approach minimizes the impact on system performance and simplifies decisions for IT,” said Randy Kerns, Senior Strategist and Analyst at Evaluator Group. “This means that X-IO can offer encryption while still maintaining its reputation for high performance and reliability.” “The addition of encryption for the iglu and ISE storage portfolios is in response to growing customer concerns around security. While other storage vendors in the market charge customers for these important features, at X-IO we have decided to add them for no additional cost.” said Bill Miller, Chairman and CEO, X-IO Technologies, “The risks of losing sensitive customer data, precious intellectual property or facing the financial penalties of failing to comply with ever stricter data regulations, are increasing. Encrypting data whilst it is stored, can protect against these issues and risks, when used as part of a wider data security strategy.”

About X-IO

X-IO Technologies provides high-performance storage that does not compromise on performance, availability, simplicity or affordability. iglu blaze enterprise storage is the industry’s only purpose-built storage array which flexibly supports all-flash, hybrid, or enterprise HDD solutions. XIO’s Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) is a modular scale-out storage foundation which enables customers to build comprehensive storage solutions. Based in Colorado, the organisation has offices throughout
North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. To learn more visit xiostorage.com.

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Charlotte Thornton / Bill Robbins
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US: + 512-547-0921
UK: +44 1252 717 040

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