X-IO Technologies was featured in the news a few weeks ago as we completed a sale of additional shares of stock to both new and repeat investors.  The new cash infusion caps off a year-long revitalization of X-IO.  We have boosted the efficacy of our over-all operations, improved the quality and efficiency of our customer services, upgraded our manufacturing and supply chain, paid-off all debt, strengthened our balance sheet, reinvigorated our innovation & product strategy, and positioned ourselves for sustainable profitability and growth.  Our twenty year-old company was due for a make-over.  I have to say, we look really good!

We and the press are excited to report on our Edge Computing strategy and innovative new Axellio FabricXpressTM Architecture systems.  Axellio enables unprecedented compute and data access performance in a compact and affordable package for edge computing problems.   Challenges like streaming big data ingestion, real time analytics processing and response generation found in applications like anomaly detection for cybersecurity, regulation of financial markets, or ensuring stable operations of critical infrastructure and processes can all be solved with Axellio.

What should not be lost in the press’ enthusiasm for Axellio is our renewed and strengthened commitment to the users and partners of our ISE and iglu storage systems.  We will continue to innovate to bring the highest levels of performance and low-touch resiliency and reliability to our ISE and iglu customers and partners with the release of our fourth generation ISE-based storage products in 2017.  ISE G4 will evolve the architecture to provide exciting new capabilities, performance, and economics while maintaining the low-touch or even no-touch reliability that ISE users love.  Reach out to us if you would like an NDA preview of our roadmap.

Meanwhile, here are links to some news that’s been written about us recently:

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