Aggressive new treatment targets 72 hour VDI health turnaround times using high-performance, VDI-optimized hybrid storage  

Colorado Springs, CO, June 23rd 2014 – X-IO Technologies has launched a VDI Emergency Response program to help the growing number of organizations facing serious performance issues with their virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

X-IO is working with key distribution partners and resellers in each region to target a 72-hour ‘diagnosis-to-deployment’ timeframe for organizations suffering from failing or underperforming VDI.  To book a next day VDI performance diagnosis organizations can register for their free consultation at:

Gavin McLaughlin, VP of worldwide marketing, X-IO, said: “It’s been well documented that legacy storage is not designed for the intensive performance demands of a truly optimized VDI deployment.  As a result, a growing number of VDI deployments either fail, or fall well short of, the expected performance metrics that a business or organization needs.  This program is designed to eradicate this problem, once and for all.”

The two-part VDI Emergency Response program takes VMware and Citrix VDI users through a diagnostic VDI health check followed by a carefully tailored treatment program designed to near-instantly heal the problem.  “Few organizations can tolerate poor VDI performance for long.  The program is designed to offer a swift and effective route to recovery, one that gets the organization back to full VDI fitness, typically within a matter of days,” added McLaughlin.

The program draws on the wealth of experience gained by X-IO and its key distribution partners, Comstor and Ingram Micro, and also dozens of local resellers.  They have all witnessed a huge increase in X-IO’s Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) technology being used to solve VDI health and performance issues.

Legacy storage the root of VDI evils

These experts found that symptoms of poor VDI performance typically appear when unsuitable traditional enterprise storage arrays are used to underpin the virtual server infrastructure. The most common VDI conditions include:

  • an overwhelming number of helpdesk calls during boot and login storms;
  • late nights for vAdmins who are tired of waiting for a recompose operation to finish on patch Tuesday;
  • a sharp drop in performance when legacy storage systems exceed 60-70 percent capacity utilization, and often less.

Florida healthcare provider AvMed is just one example, as IT infrastructure manager Nelson Remy explained: “Some of our most critical virtual desktops, which also drive the most performance demand, were taking up to two minutes from login to desktop presentation on our existing enterprise SAN. X-IO offered us a system that exceeded our VDI performance requirements, used enterprise grade components, and took just a few hours to get completely deployed. Now, following the diagnosis and remedy we got from X-IO, those logins take just 10 seconds.”

Local touch for rapid remediation

By working with local partners in each region, organizations facing VDI performance issues are able to receive urgent attention from a nearby expert with deep knowledge of how to diagnose their unique problem.  This expert can then quickly administer the right dosage of VDI-optimized hybrid storage to ensure a full and complete recovery of VDI performance.

Organizations that register for the program will be offered a scheduled appointment with a VDI performance physician within 24 hours and, if any prescribed equipment is required, it can be onsite in as little as 72 hours.

More resellers mean shorter wait times

X-IO also expects the program to attract new reseller partners who have customers facing performance problems with the VDI deployment.  As a result, waiting times could be reduced even further.  Resellers can also find out more information by registering at:

McLaughlin concluded: “Organizations wanting to deploy VDI should not be deterred by the complications or side effects. Instead, they should be able to turn to those offering real cures to the growing epidemic of VDI pains and ailments. When deployed with the right storage foundations, VDI can be efficient, effective and painless.”

About X-IO

X-IO Technologies, with its Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) architecture, has solved some of the fundamental challenges of enterprise storage for virtualized environments. ISE addresses the demand of customers for consistent performance, simplified, hypervisor integrated management and true zero-touch reliability in VDI, OLTP and BI-DW environments.

Based in Colorado, the organization has offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa and has a proven installation of more than 7,000 units across 1,200+ customers worldwide.


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