Europe’s largest Home Improvements Retailer chooses X-IO’s ISE storage solution to stabilise IT infrastructure

LONDON, UK, 23 January 2014 – Storage industry innovator X-IO Technologies today announced it has been selected by Kingfisher, Europe’s leading home improvements retailer, to stabilise and bolster the IT infrastructure underpinning the company’s 1,060 stores.

The owner of B&Q, Screwfix, Castorama, Brico Depot and Koçtaş Kingfisher has 78,000 employees in nine countries serving six million customers every week and annual sales of £10.6 billion. Underpinning the service at all of Kingfisher’s stores is a state of the art, mission critical IT infrastructure, run through two data centres in the UK.

With over one petabyte of data under management and volumes continuing to grow, Kingfisher’s existing solutions were experiencing reliability issues and the day-to-day running of the business was being comprised by regular disk failures. The home improvement retailer needed to find a high performance, reliable solution that was capable of supporting its IT environment.

After assessing the market, Kingfisher decided to move a portion of its mission critical data onto three X-IO ISE 210 storage systems. With a foundation based on reliability, performance and scalability, X-IO’s Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) radically optimises price and operational efficiency. Backed by years of development and research, X-IO’s ISE solves real-life storage problems and ensures business continuity of mission critical applications. X-IO’s disruptive storage technology delivers greater efficiency to customers using less equipment and at a lower cost.

Stuart Hartley, Storage Architect, Kingfisher, explained: “In addition to being the only solution that could deliver the performance we needed, X-IO’s unique ‘Zero Touch’ approach and five-year warranty also significantly reduced our storage costs. Compared to the other storage vendors it was a saving of 40% over the five years. This means we can continue to grow, safe in the knowledge that we are fully supported by a high performance storage solution.”

Earlier this year, after a second tender process, Kingfisher added two X-IO Hyper ISE 730 storage systems, which use a combination of enterprise SSD and HDD to create a hybrid solution, to support the company’s virtualised desktop infrastructure programme (VDI). Although the VDI programme is only in its infancy with 2,000 desktops installed, X-IO’s hybrid storage solution has already proved invaluable by lowering response times and service call productivity.

Gavin McLaughlin, Solutions Development Director – International, concluded: “X-IO’s ISE technology is the perfect solution for Kingfisher. Not only does it enhance and support the mission critical IT infrastructure needed to run their business on a daily basis but it manages the data growth, reduces long term costs and simplifies the management of the infrastructure.”

About X-IO

X-IO Technologies is the only hardware company to have solved fundamental challenges confronting enterprise storage. X-IO’s Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) architecture, invented as a division of Seagate Technology, addresses the demand of customers for long duty cycle storage, the demand for 100% capacity utilisation without loss of performance, and uniquely does not require service intervention during its lifetime.

Based in Colorado, the organisation has offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa and has a proven installation of over 6,000 units installed at more than 1,200 customers worldwide.

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