At X-IO Technologies, our focus is to ensure our customers and partners are well taken care of with truly reliable and performant data storage solutions.

To us that means providing a uniquely architected, highly differentiated data storage product for our customers to use and for our partners to sell.  For over a decade, our storage products have offered just that.  Time and again, customers have selected our product lines because we do not force them to compromise on performance, availability, simplicity, or affordability.  Many vendors talk about these key attributes but very few uncompromisingly offer all of them as part of their standard offering.

Today, X-IO holds significant customer bases in the government, healthcare, and financial services industries.

These customers value X-IO solutions because they deliver the needed performance with almost no maintenance or downtime.  When customers can totally rely on their system performance, they can spend less money on redundant infrastructure, translating to greater cost savings and improved operations that the businesses can count on.xio-excellence-partners-program

However, it sometimes just makes sense to reevaluate what is important to a business.  The storage market is highly competitive and crowded.  Just review the annual filings from our biggest competitors, and you’ll see that many companies in our industry are spending more on marketing their products than the amount of revenue these activities bring in.  Spending $2 to make $1 does not seem like a winning proposition to us in the long term.  We feel it is more responsible to reorganize and focus on our core goals of supporting our customers and helping our partners run profitably.

To that regard, we created our eXcellence Partner Program, the strongest in the industry with an unmatched partner iglu-stackprotection both on marketing  efforts, accounts and specific opportunities.  Our engineering group has also done, and will continue to do, tremendous work in maintaining the iglu and ISE G3 product roadmaps, resulting in exceptional products which X-IO will market and support well into the next decade.  Finally, we are investing much of our engineering focus in our next generation of products – Project Axellio – a hyper-converged project that builds upon our highly successful line of storage solutions by incorporating new NVMe drives and exceptionally fast PCIe fabric, resulting in a state-of-the-art high performance compute and storage platform. Axellio Hyper-converged Solution

We are in the business of keeping our clients happy and wanting to buy our wonderful products while they feel well supported and maintained.

Our loyal partners and customers can plan on X-IO staying around for a very long time while running a profitable, responsible company with a business model that will see us far into the future.

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