Wormer's_Famous_Rattlesnake_Oil_adThe data storage gravy train is coming to an end.

As the big iron players start falling from grace, their software features lose relevance in a simpler software-defined everything world. The mere three-year data storage refresh cycle is not as practical and the economics of storage are now called into question by businesses of all types.

A dangerous and cost prohibitive storage narrative is on the loose as an ‘All-flash data center’ message emerges in attempt to solve a confusing understanding about storage workloads. IT professionals now desperately want something they don’t need—akin to buying the “cure-all” snake oil in our historical past. But the question is, “Can your business afford the maintenance bill in 3 years in the case of an economic downturn?”

This story makes as much common sense as telling everyone in America that they must buy a Tesla to support an electric car revolution. tesla-roasterAll-flash technology is very exciting where it fits, but that is a very niche market at best. It’s a great time to get a value-added storage reseller in your corner to help you fully understand the choices.

There’s never just one solution for storage needs, and there are lots of data storage companies in the market. Some companies have a lot of features–some are all-flash, hybrid (flash & disk), or even hyper-converged.

Information Technology and technology strategy is always changing so the question is, “What’s the right approach?’”

Well, it depends and as always, business drives the vision for IT. Vendor innovations are in response to customer demand, but vendors don’t get to decide what is right for everyone. The focus should be, “What capabilities does your business need?”

As software-defined storage solutions emerge everywhere, the ‘plumbing’ of the storage platform itself is less relevant. It just needs to be reliable and cost-effective. The market demands a simple solution and storage architecture that is not high maintenance. People don’t have time to worry about hardware problems or upgrades because IT department resources are always limited.

A number of recent startups have brought the simplicity aspect of storage integration to the forefront and the rapid adoption of simple storage solutions is proof to the market that there is an easier way. Customers are now enjoying built-in features from their software solutions that meet the same business objectives they relied on their storage array to provide in the past. Data protection, business continuity, and disaster recovery features are all moving further up the stack into the hypervisors, operating systems, software, and cloud.

So why pay twice for features you already own?

The question of storage goes back to cost for performance, which is what it’s been about all along. The key value to any business is a lower total cost of ownership and consistent ownership experience throughout the life cycle of the device.

The general core requirements for storage are performance, availability, simplicity, and affordability. It helps to have the same strong core architecture suitable for any workload, whether it be HDD, hybrid, or all-flash with the lowest TCO possible.

X-IO is a huge TCO and performance powerhouse with an inclusive no-charge 5 year hardware warranty. This frees your capital to spend in an area that makes a visible difference to the end user community instead of on storage, which no one (but you and your CFO) cares about.

Just select an appropriate media type and capacity. That’s simplicity, that’s X-IO.

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