What you need to know about VDI solutions and X-IO

The desktop virtualization market is expected to grow to 1.8 billion dollars over the next three years, representing a 250% growth from 20111. This is a major shift in IT operations around the world and a major change in operational IT design; but what is driving this shift? Explosive IT growth followed by economic recession sets the stage for an imminent technology refresh and, by today’s standards, more and more companies are being asked to do more with less. By leveraging the consolidated horsepower of servers, improved performance of communications networks and harnessing the power of virtualization, the desktop technology refresh can be answered in an entirely new and more efficient way, while allowing commercial PCs to be given an extended lifetime and still taking advantage of desktop software and performance improvements.

To accelerate productivity, then end-user experience must be rapid and by improving desktop responsiveness or the perceived latency in the click of a mouse, the login of a machine and loading of an application must be improved for desktop virtualization to be a success. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), an organized base of remote desktops which are server hosted and provisioned, is no exception to performance requirements. One of the most important elements in delivering VDI is storage performance, and a great deal of confusion is apparent in today’s storage marketplace with regards to how storage bottlenecks in VDI infrastructures can be addressed.

With the dramatic rise in processing power available through general purpose x86 computing, organizations have been centralizing services and taking advantage of virtualization tools in order to simplify IT operations. However, a huge gap between processor performance and increases in traditional storage performance has resulted in bottlenecks occurring in designed and implemented solutions.

This document outlines the available options that address VDI storage performance, provides an overview of X-IO’s unique approach to address some of the financial and growth challenges that are presented, and offers some guidelines when designing such an infrastructure.

VDI Solutions with X-IO

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