Announcing the Storage Industry’s First “Fast When Full” All-Flash Performance Guarantee

April 06, 2016 | by VIOLIN SYSTEMS

X-IO Technologies announces the storage industry’s first “Fast When Full” all-flash performance guarantee Colorado Springs, Colo., April 6 2016 – X-IO Technologies today announced its ‘Fast When Full’ program that guarantees performance on its Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) 800 series All-Flash Storage Arrays. The guarantee states that the arrays deliver up to 200,000 IOPS at… Continue Reading

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Who are the snake oil salesmen in the data storage industry?

January 22, 2016 | by VIOLIN SYSTEMS

The data storage gravy train is coming to an end. As the big iron players start falling from grace, their software features lose relevance in a simpler software-defined everything world. The mere three-year data storage refresh cycle is not as practical and the economics of storage are now called into question by businesses of all… Continue Reading

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ESG Industry Report Validates Economic Value of Deploying X-IO Storage

December 14, 2015 | by VIOLIN SYSTEMS

Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) proves X-IO’s storage architecture delivers high ROI without compromising on simplicity, performance and reliability Colorado Springs, CO – 14 December 2015 – X-IO Technologies today released findings from an Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) 2015 report that demonstrates a return on investment (ROI) for X-IO storage systems in excess of 300 percent compared to a baseline… Continue Reading

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Part 1: How Much Are You Spending to Hot-Swap Drives?

December 09, 2015 | by VIOLIN SYSTEMS

And wouldn’t you like to stop? How much time does the average data center spend swapping hot-swappable drives to maintain 99.999% or better uptime? How much does this cost in manpower? How much time is spent waiting for data to re-stripe across these drives before they are usable in an array? And why are modern… Continue Reading

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Not Just Data Storage TCO Marketing Hype: PROOF of 331% ROI!

November 17, 2015 | by VIOLIN SYSTEMS

What if I told you I would give you $331 if you gave me $100? Would you do it? Lots of IT companies run around claiming fantastic storage TCO ROI, but at X-IO we have a great track record of backing marketing claims with open, published statistics, and we’ve done it again. What business wouldn’t… Continue Reading

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Fifty Shades of Storage, Part 5

June 03, 2013 | by VIOLIN SYSTEMS

— Storage Horizons Blog — Hybrid and SSD Arrays What are they good for and what are they not? What are enterprise hybrids? What are just SANs in a can for SMB doing HSM/ILM?! What about All SSD arrays? Are they worth it? All HDD Arrays, Hybrids, and all SSD Arrays:  An Introduction All HDD… Continue Reading

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Fifty Shades of Storage, Part 4

May 13, 2013 | by VIOLIN SYSTEMS

— Storage Horizons Blog — What are the specific aspects that an array can and should have, to be efficient and TCO friendly? How does ISE meet and exceed these aspects by making the “whole greater than the sum of the parts”? I will deal with these questions across my next few blogs, but first… Continue Reading

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50 Shades of Storage, Part 3

April 29, 2013 | by VIOLIN SYSTEMS

— Storage Horizons Blog — When it comes to storage systems, the cost to build the product and the subsequent acquisition cost are only two aspects of the overall cost of owning and operating the storage. The $/GB argument does not hold up anymore as the only important point in storage, because the enterprise and… Continue Reading

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Cloud Computing and Datacenter Automation in an Era of Efficiencies

November 08, 2012 | by VIOLIN SYSTEMS

— Storage Horizons Blog — What’s a cloud? To me, it is an automated datacenter that can provide compute, application, and backup services. It can be a private cloud for a company, or it can be public where the cloud provider wants to make money on the services it provides. In both private and public… Continue Reading

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