Why Performance Matters (Part 1)

April 13, 2016 | by VIOLIN SYSTEMS

In November 2015, we released a Technical Whitepaper titled “Why Storage Architecture Matters.” It explored the need for high performance, flash-based storage systems and compared common architectural approaches found within the industry with the architecture of X-IO’s ISE and iglu solutions. When I first saw the white paper, it was a bit overwhelming and a… Continue Reading

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Announcing the Storage Industry’s First “Fast When Full” All-Flash Performance Guarantee

April 06, 2016 | by VIOLIN SYSTEMS

X-IO Technologies announces the storage industry’s first “Fast When Full” all-flash performance guarantee Colorado Springs, Colo., April 6 2016 – X-IO Technologies today announced its ‘Fast When Full’ program that guarantees performance on its Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) 800 series All-Flash Storage Arrays. The guarantee states that the arrays deliver up to 200,000 IOPS at… Continue Reading

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We Guarantee our All-Flash Line of ISE

April 06, 2016 | by VIOLIN SYSTEMS

Here at X-IO, we’re pretty excited to announce the Performance Guarantee for our All-Flash line of Intelligent Storage Elements (ISE). Our All-flash ISE are modular storage solutions that provide tremendous performance in a simple to use interface. Our ISE 800 series is well decorated, receiving the SVC’s 2015 Flash Storage Product of the Year award… Continue Reading

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X-IO Technologies Named 2016 Finalist for Network Computing Storage Product of the Year

January 21, 2016 | by VIOLIN SYSTEMS

  The Network Computing Awards, which have been running since 2007, were set up to recognize IT solutions and companies that are helping organizations to function better by getting the most out of their hardware, software, networks, and systems. The shortlist, which was announced on Friday 22nd January, was selected after a period of voting that was open… Continue Reading

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ChannelLife Australia Reports on X-IO’s 2015 SVC Award

December 14, 2015 | by VIOLIN SYSTEMS

Heather Wright from ChannelLife Australia with syndication in New Zealand gives the run down on the top winners and contenders in this year’s SVC Awards. This coverage comes on the heels of coverage with ChannelLife Australia highlighting our new Westcon-Comstor channel partner announcement. December 11, 2015 by Heather Wright X-IO Technologies, which recently launched in… Continue Reading

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There’s Always Time to KISS: Keep Intelligent Storage Simple

October 29, 2015 | by VIOLIN SYSTEMS

Reposted from TMC.net’s InfoTECH Spotlight. If you’d walked around VMworld in San Francisco this year, you may think it ought to be renamed “VM-Storage-World”.  I counted 26 storage vendors offering their wares and I probably missed a few. This highlights how much the storage market is opening up to disruptive technologies. Allied to this is… Continue Reading

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Everything’s a Test with Data Storage Performance

October 06, 2015 | by VIOLIN SYSTEMS

3.5 GB/second? Where’d that come from? One of the things I enjoy most about my job at X-IO is being involved with our data storage performance testing. Not just internal testing that we run regularly (there is always something running) but the external testing occurring at partner/customer/analysts sites as well. A huge lesson that I’ve… Continue Reading

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Marriage and Storage Performance – Do They Both Have to Involve Compromise?

October 01, 2015 | by VIOLIN SYSTEMS

“She wants red walls in the living room, he wants dark brown. She wants a crystal chandelier, he wants brushed metal. He wants “it” 4 times a week, she is happy with once. She wants to have 4 children, and he is satisfied with one. She wants a minivan while he wants a Hummer. In… Continue Reading

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10 Characteristics that Secure an MSP’s Operational Excellence

July 30, 2015 | by VIOLIN SYSTEMS

Struggling with the Transition from Break/Fix IT Service Company to MSP? You’re Not Alone. The industry seems to be asking VARs and IT service providers to change their business model, going from a well-established break/fix model to a managed services model nearly overnight, which can be a risky proposition. Transitioning your organization from a break/fix… Continue Reading

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