We counted no fewer than 26 companies offering data storage products at VMworld 2015.


We may have missed a few. A lot of those companies didn’t exist just a few years ago. It has become fairly easy and inexpensive to build a reasonably competitive storage product. Start with a couple of off-the-shelf commodity servers, add some SSDs and/or HDDs, some open source software, a little glue, a pretty admin interface, and a nice box and voila! Ellen Rome VMworld Quote

This year’s VMworld tag line was “Ready for Any.” It was obvious that many of those storage companies were very ready to say anything to get the attention of any prospective storage buyer. It wasn’t easy for most of these companies to stand out from the crowd. When it comes to fundamental architecture and results, they just aren’t that different from each other. Relative to most others, X-IO’s presence at VMworld 2015 was a bit understated. We, thankfully, had no loudspeaker.

We didn’t bring a hoard of people to stand in the aisles and thrust pens and pins at passers-by. X-IO is really very different from that crowd. Those differences, and the benefits they deliver, become apparent very quickly to those who know enough to look past the noisy crowd to find real storage architecture innovation that delivers balance, adaptability, and simplicity with predictable performance, lowest price/performance, lowest total cost of ownership, with reliability so good it comes with a standard 5 year warranty.

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