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Scalability, Supportability, Stability = Success

By Pete Burns, Technical Marketing Engineer, X-IO Technologies

Change is something we can count on.  In IT, whether it is a change in technology or change in the needs from the business, being able to adapt to change in a cost effective manner is critical. The challenges presented to IT organizations become opportunities to innovate creative solutions to meet the needs of the business.

Before recently joining X-IO as a Technical Marketing Engineer, I was a Principal Engineer and Architect for a global call center with the responsibility to design and mature an enterprise class VDI environment.  This call center provides services in 18 countries and 50 languages, interacting with 3.5 million customers on a daily basis.  Call center agents access the VDI environment from around the world.   Seasonal changes in customer requirements, new customer business, and expansion into new markets presented significant challenges to the IT organization.   We pushed the limits of the hardware and software on regular basis, and each time lessons were learned- sometimes in the middle of the night.

As the new Technical Marketing Engineer for X-IO, I have the opportunity to push these design concepts even further.  Not just in terms of performance (the ISE is the fastest thing I have seen for the money), but in terms of how this technology can make businesses run better, adapt to changes faster, and grow in ways that are always a challenge for VDI environments.  In the research labs in Colorado Springs, we are regularly pushing the solutions.  Currently, my first project is to assist in determining the performance of an ISE 740 system for Virtual Desktop (using Login VSI and ViewPlanner).  The UCS solution I am working with has over 300 Cores (2x Chassis) and over 3TB of RAM supporting VDI testing to determine the limit of just a single ISE 740.  (The main bottleneck we have been running into is the amount of RAM and # cores…  Go Figure…).

Change for the sake of change never turns out well, and in my previous position we had a rule before making any changes, or introducing new technologies into the business.  Any new solution had to be better in terms of answering the following 3 questions:

  1. Is it stable?
  2. Is it supportable?
  3. Is it scalable?

Focusing on these 3 questions served us well as we grew from a rather small VDI deployment (300) when I started with the organization 3.5 years ago, to over 14,000 in two data centers.   Of course along the way we learned many lessons that helped us mature the environment without putting the business at risk.  We leveraged our vendor’s expertise in their own products or services, and with them we continued to improve and deliver the services to our customers.  As a team we worked to together to make sure the changes being put in place were going to meet the needs of the business.

X-IO’s ISE 7-Series Hybrid storage arrays are based on a scalable and modular architecture.   High performance at a comparatively low cost with a track record of the highest reliability.  X-IO includes a free, 5 year hardware warranty with every storage array.  This gives our customers unmatched value, with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership in the industry.

This is an exciting time for me, as now I get to take my experience as an engineer and architect and put on a different hat.  In a way, it is a dream job.  Along with doing benchmark testing of X-IO products and building reference architectures, I am going to be working directly with the customer base, discussing enhancements and new solutions that leverage X-IO storage.   Bottom line, I am the customer that got hired to behave like a customer and play with very cool stuff in a lab, build stuff, break stuff, talk and write about … cool stuff.  Yes, this is a very cool gig.

I am looking forward to taking the next step into innovative and creative reference architectures for VDI solutions using X-IO ISE storage arrays. Even more so I’m looking forward to possibly working with you someday. If you have questions or would like to trade ideas about building and supporting simple, scalable and stable solutions let me know…

Feel free to reach out to me at fastforever@x-io.com

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