X-IO Technologies reduces cost-per-terabyte on iglu enterprise storage by 25 percent, and launches Capacity Storage Element for long-term archival



Colorado Springs, Colo., April 19, 2016 – X-IO Technologies today announced an increase in capacity for the new iglu enterprise storage system at no additional charge, lowering the cost-per-terabyte by 25 percent. At the same time, X-IO also introduced the new Capacity Storage Element (CSE), a new tier of high-density archive storage for cost-effective, long-term data retention.

This news closely follows the announcement of new ISE models with expanded capacity, and extends X-IO’s strategy to deliver performance, availability, simplicity and affordability in a scale-up and scale-out enterprise architecture.  An independent 2015 report demonstrates a return on investment for X-IO storage systems in excess of 300 percent compared to a baseline of relying on existing alternative storage solutions. The report reveals how X-IO’s high-performance hardware, distinctive five-year warranty and array options allow enterprises to drastically lower ownership costs while delivering improved application performance and efficiencies.

“The flexible architecture of X-IO’s iglu enterprise storage family can take advantage of different technologies while enabling business applications to run at 100 percent performance at 100 percent capacity,” said Ellen Rome, vice president of marketing at X-IO Technologies. “This gives X-IO the ability to quickly deliver innovation and choice to enterprise customers, allowing them to simplify management of large amounts of data for five or more years without ripping and replacing their existing storage investments.”

The new iglu storage systems leverage a built-in high-speed architecture to help customers adopt emerging technologies easily and transparently.

New capacity modules are simply added to the infrastructure as another pool in a tier.  This flexibility enables X-IO to provide a high-density archival tier for long-term, on-line data backup and retention.

New and expanded iglu storage solutions launched today include:

  • Hybrid expansion modules for new iglu 755: The new iglu 755 system provides a single hybrid pool of storage for a large amount of SSD capacity for applications that require high performance and low latency. It also nearly doubles the amount of flash capacity for data acceleration, and increases the enterprise HDD capacity for databases and virtualized applications by 50 percent over the previous iglu 740 model.
  • All-flash and hybrid pool for new iglu 790: Both iglu systems provide a flash-only pool for data and a second, flash-accelerated pool of enterprise HDD capacity.  The new iglu 790 increases the amount of enterprise HDD capacity by 50 percent over the previous iglu 780.
  • Performance HDD tier for new iglu 250: The new iglu 250 offers 50 percent more capacity compared to the previous model iglu 240.
  • Enterprise archive tier for new iglu 120: The new iglu 120 enterprise archive tier, with 50 percent more capacity, is designed for data and applications with high throughput and durability requirements, such as backup of mission critical systems.
  • Introduction of new iglu Capacity Storage Element expansion modules: Customers can add these modules to iglu systems for long-term archival and retention, with no downtime or loss of redundancy.  This simplifies management of large amounts of data with less risk. Each X-IO Capacity Storage Element expands in 15-drive packs, up to a maximum of 60 drives and up to 384 TB capacity per 4U enclosure.


The new iglu enterprise storage systems are available immediately worldwide from X-IO’s network of channel and value-added resellers. More information is available at http://xiostorage.com/products/iglu-enterprise-storage-systems/

About X-IO

X-IO Technologies provides high-performance storage that does not compromise on performance, availability, simplicity or affordability. iglu enterprise storage is the industry’s only purpose-built storage array which flexibly supports all-flash, hybrid, or enterprise performance HDD solutions.  X-IO’s Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) is a modular scale-out storage foundation which enables customers to build comprehensive storage solutions. Based in Colorado, the organization has offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. To learn more visit xiostorage.com.


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