What if I told you I would give you $331 if you gave me $100? Would you do it?

Lots of IT companies run around claiming fantastic storage TCO ROI, but at X-IO we have a great track record of backing marketing claims with open, published statistics, and we’ve done it again.

What business wouldn’t benefit from state-of-the-art storage that not only reduces CAPEX and OPEX but at the same time delivers high performance, high availability, and simplicity? X-IO Technologies delivers all of these benefits and more.

Economic Value Validation Tool CTAIn a special Economic Value Validation (EVV) study recently completed by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), you can read about all the details and discover how X-IO Technologies delivers:

  • 331% Return on Investment
  • Estimated 14-month payback period
  • Nearly $2.5 million in business benefits.

You might say, “Sure, that sounds great, but how does this really translate to my IT environment?” Worry not; you can even complete your own personalized study by using ESG’s EVV Assessment tool so you can understand exactly what your Return on Investment, payback period, and financial benefits are!

Check out the full ESG report and the tool here.

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