X-IO Technologies eXcellence Partner ProgramNew X-IO partner program offers resellers fast growth built on high performance storage solutions

Focused on partner needs for profitability, enablement and ease of doing business; eXcellence Partner Program committed to drive 100% sales through the channel

Colorado Springs, Colo. – Nov. 4, 2015 – X-IO Technologies today announced the launch of its eXcellence Partner Program, which enables reseller partners to differentiate their storage line of business without compromising on performance, availability, affordability or simplicity. X-IO channel partners will gain the benefits of complete enablement and ease of doing business while offering their customers adaptive and highly-differentiated enterprise storage solutions.

Traditional reseller programs are often complex and hierarchical, confusing and misleading partners. The new X-IO eXcellence Partner Program is designed to accelerate profitability through eliminating multiple partner levels and simplifying the registration process, while providing an industry defining, street-valued pricing model that is easy to use. The program allows partners to protect both existing deals and new account activities allowing them to prospect new opportunities securely from development to deployment. X-IO partners also have access to all the resources necessary to enable their businesses including local sales and technical support, financial incentives, training, and a user-friendly self-service partner portal.

“The channel is the growth engine for X-IO and the eXcellence Partner Program drives partner success by offering vastly-superior profitability through true sales enablement without any ‘fine print’,” said Diamond Lauffin, chief of channel strategy for X-IO. “We’ve differentiated every component of our program to make it easy for partners to quickly grow their businesses with storage solutions that offer significant technology advantages.”

X-IO supports partners in becoming trusted advisors and true educators by offering the world’s only self-healing disk, hybrid and all-flash storage solutions.

Recently, X-IO added the iglu blaze SAN solution to its rapidly-expanding, Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) portfolio. The iglu blaze uniquely balances cost, risk, and performance with the ability to provide a unique bridge between software-defined storage and traditional storage architectures.

Qual Limited“X-IO’s ISE technology and channel program offers Qual a competitive edge while delivering extremely high levels of simplicity and margin. X-IO products will provide our customers exactly what they want by eliminating the usual performance, reliability and maintenance overheads they have experienced from other storage offerings. X-IO’s pedigree and experience combined with its storage solution set makes them one of our key technology partners of choice. For Qual, the X-IO eXcellence Partner Program actively protects our investments in existing deals and prospecting efforts while providing profitability, selling tools and personalized support,” said Nigel May, sales and operations director, Qual.

StablePath“X-IO provides a comprehensive range of storage solutions that allows StablePath to successfully sell the right solutions to our customers. Compared to other channel programs, X-IO has made it extremely easy for us to sell their solutions by providing us the leadership distinction and direction to truly differentiate ourselves from our competition with training, support and the right tools to do our job. This translates directly into an approach that empowers our customers, to maximize their options and revolutionize their approach to storage,” said Scott Petersen, president of StablePath.

Benefits of the eXcellence Partner Program Partners include:

  • Opportunity exclusivity – partners can register an opportunity from the start of the sale campaign, allowing them to create a fully protected opportunity. This ensures the partner’s interests from the beginning to eliminate potential field partner conflict.
  • Channel focus worldwide – X-IO’s commitment is now 100 percent channel-enabled, driving all new business through its partner network across North America, EMEA and APAC markets.
  • Differentiated product strategy – X-IO’s ISE technology brings significant improvements in performance, reliability and value, regardless of workload or capacity utilization. Customers gain high I/O performance without compromising on affordability, reliability or simplicity.
  • Superior rewards – X-IO can provide partner profitability from day one with new tools including the “Correct Cost Club” that provides real-world pricing and margin protection based on user validated “take it to the bank” street values. Additionally, the modularity of the X-IO ISE storage architecture provides partners with the best returns for businesses’ investment in time and training with recurring revenue options and capabilities.

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X-IO Technologies provides high-performance storage that does not compromise on affordability, reliability or simplicity and uniquely adapts between the SAN and Software Defined Storage worlds.  X-IO’s Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) provides the hardware foundations for SDS and also X-IO’s iglu fully-featured SAN storage.  iglu is the only adaptive, simple and balanced storage array with an end-to-end engineered design that self-heals and removes the need for regular servicing. Based in Colorado, the organization has offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. To learn more visit xiostorage.com.

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