ESG-logoEnterprise Strategy Group (ESG) proves X-IO’s storage architecture delivers high ROI without compromising on simplicity, performance and reliability

Colorado Springs, CO – 14 December 2015 – X-IO Technologies today released findings from an Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) 2015 report that demonstrates a return on investment (ROI) for X-IO storage systems in excess of 300 percent compared to a baseline of relying on existing alternative storage solutions. The report reveals how X-IO’s high-performance hardware, distinctive five-year warranty and ability to offer both software-defined and full feature array options allow enterprises to drastically lower ownership cost while delivering improved application performance and efficiencies compared to storage infrastructure currently in place.

Mark Peters, senior analyst of ESG: ”Keeping both CIOs and CFOs happy is a beguiling win-win for any product to achieve.

With IT increasingly virtualized and consolidated, the demand for I/O performance increases, especially in terms of random, multi-tenant workload performance. X-IO’s sophisticated-yet-affordable ISE and iglu offerings can meet broad scaling and performance challenges without wasting resources and with unmatched raw reliability. Moreover, they can do all this while also delivering a compelling mix of TCO and added value.”

ESG’s analysis revealed that X-IO storage can deliver an estimated 331 percent ROI compared to the operation of in-place storage infrastructure over a projected five-year time period.

Specifically, the study found X-IO delivered nearly $2.5 million in cost savings, as well as massive improvements in IT efficiencies and user productivity. This is due to dramatic reduction in data center and maintenance operating costs, increased storage uptime and resiliency, and X-IO’s set it and forget manageability, which reduces significantly IT admin time.

The ESG report attributed X-IO storage’s exceptional application performance to its ability to deliver the highest performance from both solid state flash and traditional hard disk technologies, as well as a differentiated architecture that enables each X-IO ISE and iglu array to run at its rated performance regardless of its capacity. By contrast, traditional arrays frequently require as much as 30 percent or more of capacity to be reserved and unused to run at their rated performance level.

Bill Miller, CEO, X-IO, concluded: “X-IO focuses on providing differentiated storage solutions that improve overall efficiency and reduce operating expenses. ESG’s report confirms that our ISE and iglu systems solve our customers’ economic and technical challenges in the most simple way, without compromising on reliability or performance.”

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X-IO Technologies provides high-performance storage that does not compromise on affordability, reliability or simplicity and uniquely adapts between the SAN and Software Defined Storage worlds. X-IO’s Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) provides the hardware foundations for SDS and also X-IO’s iglu fully-featured SAN storage. iglu is the only adaptive, simple and balanced storage array with an end-to-end engineered design that self-heals and removes the need for regular servicing. Based in Colorado, the organization has offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. To learn more visit


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