Simplify Storage Reduce Risk

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a type of IT service company that provides server, network, and specialized applications support to end users and organizations. Critical business applications are hosted and managed by the service provider.

A successful Managed Service Provider (MSP) believes that true value is found by boiling things down to their essence, stripping off all the superfluous bits and trying to keep things easy, straightforward and simple for the IT environment. Choosing modern and robust technology that is easy to implement quickly, without a lot of training or education, is key to profitability for the MSP and reduced costs and reliable performance for the end customer.

So, what is the essence of managed services partnership? There is a lot more than smoke and mirrors to being successful. Let’s look at 4 Simple Steps to creating a profitable and beneficial MSP partnership.

  1. Define the Strategy – In order to keep any good automobile running one must know how to care for it. Having a strong partner can help small organizations thrive. This begins with both sides understanding what needs to be included in the scope of work. Clearly defining the responsibilities of the managed service provider and the company they are assisting is a critical first step.
  2. Analyze the gaps in resources that need to be filled – Does the MSP have the ability to cover and fill in the gaps where your company lacks strength in the IT area? What weaknesses does the organization have and how can the MSP help the company get stronger?
  3. Define Communication – Be sure to set up a clear and mutually understandable communication procedure between the company and service provider. Avoiding miscommunication errors can help an MSP partnership thrive.
  4. Get the Team Onboard – Some organizations see MSP as a threat to their jobs when in reality the purpose is to take the more tedious work off their hands. Help them understand the overall benefit of an MSP.

A successful MSP exhibits these characteristics. They deliver the rock-solid resilience, performance, simply and scaleably and at cost model that makes unburdening easy. To achieve this result for their clients it is an imperative that MSPs choose high quality gear with minimal servicing needs from their vendor solution partners. Storage is an area where smart MSP’s focus. Traditional large company SAN solutions put MSPs at risk due to hidden hardware and software costs, high maintenance costs, licensing schemes, and up front professional service fees and limited scale. MSP risk can be eliminated by partnering with X-IO Technologies for award-winning best-of-breed storage solutions. Investing in a good MSP is key to maximizing customer satisfaction and profitability.  Discuss your IT needs with X-IO Technologies to create a successful partnership for your organization and minimize your service needs with new approaches and high quality gear.

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