By Hollis Beall, Technical Director, X-IO Cloud Business Development

Hollis-ISE-150x150With the Citrix announcement of XenDesktop and XenApp versions 7.5, Citrix is taking a giant step forward in the vision of integrated public/private cloud management, and is continuing to drive down the cost of VDI (but they aren’t doing it alone). As a Citrix Ready Premier Alliance Partner, we do extensive testing with Citrix around storage performance to help reduce the cost of virtual desktop and application virtualization deployments. Capacity isn’t the only requirement for storage in a VDI solution, as performance will have a direct impact to the end user experience. I can’t tell you how many customers I talk to who have a “pilot” in place that goes great for the initial testing (

  • A prohibitive amount of CapEx (and time) to implement
  • Large warranty increases in years 4 and 5 (Up to 20% of original cost in each year!)
  • Excessive power/heat requirements
  • Increasing failures as the system grows
  • Decreasing performance as the capacity utilization increasesThese storage inefficiencies have a large impact to the “cost per user” that the system will be measured against. If you are doing this as a sellable solution (as a service), this is a major obstacle to profitability.The ISE is the only Enterprise storage system that advertises full performance at full capacity, where other systems can start seeing performance problems when just 50% full. This has a direct impact to the number of VDI sessions the system can support, and increases the amount of equipment required to get to a target capacity level (i.e., more power, cooling, rack space, maintenance, etc.). This inefficiency is why storage hardware can be 40% to 50% of the solution cost. (Spoiler Alert: ISE can make this 20%.)With the Seagate™ method of remanufacturing drives in place, and the ability to spare around bad components inside the drive, the ISE has the industry’s only 5-year hardware warranty included with every system. We believe the system is so reliable that we include 5 years of hardware maintenance for free. The ISE can completely change the cost structure for service providers, who can now fully amortize the cost over 5 years (instead of just 3). This can reduce the Cost/User/Month, due to storage, by up to 40%.

    With the new functionality in XenApp and XenDesktop, customers will be able to “flex” their computing across mobile, thin client, Desktop VDI, and IaaS Public/Private Cloud environments, providing a new freedom and a more dynamic environment. XenDesktop, XenApp, and IaaS CloudStack solutions are built to manage these highly dynamic environments and, together with the ISE technology, can have a significant impact on the cost (and profitability) to the business.

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