We Guarantee our All-Flash Line of ISE

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X-IO Fast When Full Guarantee EmblemHere at X-IO, we’re pretty excited to announce the Performance Guarantee for our All-Flash line of Intelligent Storage Elements (ISE).

Our All-flash ISE are modular storage solutions that provide tremendous performance in a simple to use interface. Our ISE 800 series is well decorated, receiving the SVC’s 2015 Flash Storage Product of the Year award and is a leader in Storage Performance Council’s price/performance benchmark testing

All-Flash ISE provides 100% performance at 100% capacity; it’s guaranteed!

We are guaranteeing that you can see less than 1 millisecond of average latency at up to 200,000 IOPS in each array in a realistic workload of 70% Read, 30% Write, with 8K block size randomized over the entire capacity of the array.  We see these numbers every day in our labs, and we guarantee that you can see them in your environment as well.

We’re so confident in our products that we will provide you with additional All-Flash storage systems if the guarantee is not met. No ambiguous language, nothing left to the discretion of a committee meeting behind closed doors. Just a powerfully simple promise to provide you with the reliable performance you need to meet the high demands of your workloads.

At X-IO, we build our hardware to get the most out of our software, and design our software to get the most out of our X-IO ISE All-Flash Storagehardware.

By doing this, we can design and build storage solutions that provide industry leading performance without compromising availability, simplicity or affordability. Reliable performance means that you can spend less time worrying about storage and more time focusing on business objectives. With X-IO, you can rely on your storage system to perform when you need it, under the most demanding workloads.

From the nuts and bolts in the hardware, to the lines of code in the software, we strive to make everything better by design.

And now, it’s guaranteed!

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