X-Volume is host-based software that greatly improves the performance and scalability of multiple ISE Storage Systems. X-Volume enables you to create and manage large pools of virtualized storage to address customer needs for highly scalable, flexible and cost-effective storage environments.

X-Volume allows administrators to create large storage volumes by striping or concatenating LUNs across one or multiple ISE storage systems. X-Volume is capable of delivering massive scalability in the range of hundreds of terabytes and performance measured in millions of IOPS depending on your environment and the number of ISE storage systems you are using.

  • Scale performance – X-volume enhances the performance of any ISE configuration by creating super-LUNs that are striped across multiple datapacs within a single or multiple ISE storage systems.
  • Performance without limits – ISE storage systems are designed to deliver near linear scalability as each additional ISE resource is added to the system. With X-Volume, multiple ISE resources can be configured –virtually without limit — to deliver millions of IOPS.
  • Capacity without limits – Unlike most storage systems, ISE was designed from day one to operate as a virtualized storage resource. X-Volume enhances this capability by enabling the administrator to create super LUNs from across the entire ISE resource pool. X-volume has been tested to LUN size of 244 TB.
  • Capacity on demand – X-Volume LUNs can be extended dynamically without requiring application downtime.
  • Centralized Management – Any number of X-Volumes can be monitored and managed remotely from a central ISE Manager or from the local host.
  • Investment Protection and Immediate ROI – without any other change to the infrastructure, X-Volume will enhance the performance and scalability of applications running on any supported host platform in configuration with ISE storage.
  • Multiple Host Platforms – X-Volume is host-based, cluster-aware software currently available for Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008 Core Edition, Windows Server 2008 R2 Core Edition including Clusters, Citrix XenServer 5.6 and 5.6 FP1 including High Availability.
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