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vCenter Operations Management Pack VMware Virtualization & Cloud Management X-IO ISE Management Pack

In the past, it has been difficult to get a clear picture of exactly what is happening up and down the functional chain, from Datacenter to physical storage.  Typically you would use a combination of the vCenter client and proprietary storage vendor tools.

With the X-IO ISE Management Pack, you can use your familiar vCenter Operations interface to investigate the environment.  First, there is an overview ISE Health dashboard.  It shows a relationship widget that includes all the ISE storage systems.  As you’ve come to expect, when you select any item in the diagram, all related objects get highlighted.  So, if you know a virtual machine that is experiencing a problem, you can click on it, and immediately know which ISE houses the datastore on which it resides.

vCenter Operations Management Pack VMware Virtualization & Cloud Management X-IO ISE Management Pack

For further investigation, there is an ISE Metrics dashboard that allows you to view all collected metrics for any ISE.  This makes it easy to select the ISE in question and examine performance metrics like Queue Depth and Read/Write Latency.  Not only is this information available for the ISE as a whole, it is available on an ISE Volume basis.  Within seconds, you can tell if storage is your bottleneck, or if it’s time to look up the stack.

There is also a nice Top-N Analysis widget included, that shows the top 10 ISEs in your environment, sorted by important metrics, such as Total IOPS, Highest Read Latency, and so on.  There is even a graph showing the highest temperatures.

Performance Statistics

The new management pack tracks a fairly complete set of performance metrics for several items within the ISE.  These metrics include:

  • Read I/O per second
  • Write I/O per second
  • Read Percentage
  • Read Latency and Read Latency Max
  • Write Latency and Write Latency Max
  • Total I/O per second
  • Total KB per second
  • Queue Depth and Queue Depth Max
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